How to Be a More Effective Communicator

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One of the most important aspects of interpersonal relationships is the ability to effectively communicate with others. If you can’t communicate effectively you’ll probably never get that raise you’ve been hoping for or reach fair compromises in your relationships. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some communication tips and communication experts to help you get started:

Foster Honesty and Openness

Whether you are trying to communicate better at work or in your personal life, the first step is always to create a safe environment for communication. People won’t feel comfortable approaching you to talk if they are afraid of your reaction. Make it clear through your dealings with colleagues and family members that you are someone who is open to honest conversations and can be counted on for a reasonable reaction.

Show Respect

Make sure to always be respectful of whoever it is you’re talking to. Demonstrate in your words and actions that you value the other person’s input and that you at least acknowledge his or her point of view. Try at all costs to avoid put-downs and sarcastic undertones. Mutual respect is a key component of effective communication so make sure to enter your conversations with a respectful attitude.

Be Specific

Vagueness breeds uncertainty and confusion. Don’t let your message get lost by avoiding specifics. Even if the conversation you’re having is a difficult one, try to pinpoint the issue at hand. No feelings will be saved by deliberate vagueness and even worse, you risk not getting your point across at all.

Be Solutions-Based

It’s natural to sometimes want to “just get something off your chest” but when you’re having a difficult conversation, try to be solutions-based. Complaining might make you feel better temporarily but it won’t lead to any long terms solutions and the problem is likely to be repeated. Provide possible solutions at the same time that you outline the issue at hand.

Follow Through

Now that you’ve outlined both an issue and a solution, make sure you follow through on the actions discussed in your conversation. If you want to be an effective communicator, you need to build trust among others that you can be relied upon. Following through on promises and agreements is crucial to the process.

To hear it straight from the masters, check out these Eagles Talent communication experts:

  • Steve Adubato is not only an Emmy Award-winning anchor, he is also an accomplished author who helps people communicate more effectively at home, at work, and in public.

  • An expert in both stress management and communication, Juliet Funt has a keen understanding of what makes people tick.

  • Bruce Christopher is more than just a hilarious keynote speaker, he’s also a clinical psychologist with degrees in both Professional Psychology and Interpersonal Communication.


Posted by uberuser

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