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As we approach the final week of Financial Literacy Month, we want to leave you with a valuable message. The following Financial Speaker is someone who knows how to engage audiences with the simple solutions to help jumpstart their personal finances.

How To Make Your Finances Fun

Finances_Peter_Bielagus_Eagles_TalentPeter Bielagus is better known as Young America’s Financial Coach! He became a top authority on money management for Young America the hard way− by falling deep into credit card debt. After some extensive research, Peter quickly dug his way out of debt and was inspired to educate students and young professionals, which lead him to writing, Getting Loaded: A Complete Personal Finance Guide For Students and Young Professionals. Shortly after receiving his financial planning license, he opened up his own financial planning firm. Over the years, he has become a frequent guest in the media, and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.


As a speaker, Peter continues to share his knowledge and tips in order to help people change their lives. In this Tuesday Tip episode, you’ll see just how easily he’s able to communicate and adapt to younger audiences. He has the ability to relate to them using humor and logic. More importantly, he explains finances in a fun way!


Check out the full video below to find out more.


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Posted by uberuser

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