Ian Morrison, PhD

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Future of Healthcare and the Changing Business Environment

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Ian Morrison, PhD- Business Speaker

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As we gear up for a National Presidential election in 2020 healthcare is once again high on the agenda.  Democratic candidates are proposing a wide range of policy options from Medicare for All to Medicare for More.  The Trump Administration has signaled its intent to undo many of the Obamacare reforms but much of the infrastructure such as exchanges and Medicaid expansion remains intact. Organizations and individuals need to be flexible to adjust to a new reform agenda, including the push for more widespread reimbursement reform, changes in coverage (including more populations under public payment such as Medicare and Medicaid), growth in transparency and accountability, and the relentless quest for value in healthcare driven by patients and purchasers.  In this uncertain environment significant consolidation is underway as both for for-profit and non-profit consolidation occurs and as both horizontal and vertical integration takes place throughout the healthcare ecosystem.  Threats of disruption from new entrants and new combinations abound from Big Tech such as Apple, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft to well financed start-ups.  This presentation will focus on the political, economic, and strategic context of change in healthcare, describe the possible scenarios we face and examine how the various actors are preparing for the future. Drawing on experience from around the country and relying on deep research and experience it will identify the leadership challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and will provide strategic insights on how organizations and individuals can flourish in the future.

Learning Objectives

1) To identify the key trends creating change in healthcare in particular the impact of political and policy changes, consolidation, consumerism and disruption and payer and payment transformation
2) To identify how health system leaders are responding to these key trends drawing on lessons from around the country and around the world
3)  To identify the implications for health systems strategy

The second curve is driven by the confluence of three powerful driving forces: new technologies, such as the Internet; new consumers, who are smarter, more affluent, more skeptical and more demanding than the previous generation; and new markets, such as China, with its 1.2 billion consumers. The challenge is to gauge how fast the second curve will take over and develop strategy accordingly.


“You can’t go wrong having Ian speak at your event. Content was superb, and speaking style and personality excellent.”

— University of Utah
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