Speakers Who Turn A Keynote into a Performance

Posted by Alexis Washington

In the public-speaking world, it has become common practice to inspire audiences with more than words. The Keynote speech has become as entertaining as informative. Meet four speakers who turn a keynote into a performance.

Jen Slaw

Amaze, Engage, Inspire

With degrees in both engineering and art, Jen connects with both left and right brained learners as she shares her story of finding balance and transitioning from life as a structural engineer to entertainer, speaker and trainer, roles in which she felt she could have more impact, exercise more creativity, and be more connected to others.

She is grateful for the opportunity to now share lessons learned from over 20 years of juggling life as a professional entertainer, engineer and artist in her keynotes and staff training sessions for top companies like these and empower her audiences with tools to become more effective jugglers in their own lives and work! Read more…


Topics: Jugglers, Corporate Culture, Innovation & Creativity

Phil Hansen

Internationally-recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, Innovator

Referred to by his fans as “the Artist for the People”, Phil Hansen is an internationally recognized multimedia artist, speaker, author and innovator — at the forefront of bringing art to a wider audience. Crashing irreverently through conventional boundaries, Phil works at the intersection of traditional art, electronic media, offbeat materials, and interactive experiences.

He is most widely known for his meta-art, videos that document the creation process (sometimes even through destruction), showing millions that art is action, not just result. Read More…


Topics: Innovation & Creativity, Motivational, Arts & Pop Culture

Vinh Giang

Personal Development with a Magical Twist

For many years Vinh Giang (pronounced Jang) has noticed the common threads between the world of business and the world of magic. He believes what makes him unique as a speaker is his ability to speak about important business and motivational concepts in an interesting way.

In the public-speaking world, it has become common practice to inspire audiences with more than words. The way he does this is by using magic as his metaphor when he speaks. This keeps people highly engaged and helps make the “medicine taste good.” Read More…


Topics: Magicians / Illusionists, Motivational, Entertainment with a Message

Zubin Damania

Innovative Founder of Turntable Health, YouTube Sensation ZDoggMD

Zubin Damania, M.D. is the founder of Turntable health and the director of healthcare development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, an ambitious urban revitalization movement spearheaded by CEO Tony Hsieh. This project is investing $350 million in the revitalization of the urban core of Las Vegas, including small business development, residential housing, education, technology, and healthcare.

During his 10-year hospitalist career at Stanford, Dr. Damania received the Russell Lee Award for Clinical Teaching while simultaneously maintaining a shadow career performing stand-up comedy for medical audiences worldwide. Read More…


Topics: Social Media & Online Marketing, Business Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Experts


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Posted by Alexis Washington
Alexis Washington writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips and tricks for corporate meeting planners. If you need a guest professional speaker or corporate entertainer for your next convention or conference, you can visit

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