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Youth Marketing and Trends Expert and Speaker

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We are in a new era of brand building, one that’s evolving the rules of the market. This means it’s paramount you understand and align on how to differentiate your brand and drive revenue—brands with soul outperform their peer groups. But many brands still struggle to arrive at a brand purpose that will ignite the hearts and minds of customers and their workforce while honoring the brand’s history and reflecting its organic ethos. In this talk, you’ll learn how brands are using new business models to win the hearts and minds of their employees and consumers, as well as:

-Understand the meaning of brand purpose
-Define why this is matters and is crucial in today’s marketplace (improve customer loyalty, drive revenue and differentiate your brand)
-Why Brand Purpose impacts profit growth
-Discover traps & blindspots and how to avoid them

In today’s noisy market where people have instant access to nearly everything, quality products and services are no longer enough to differentiate your company or organization—your brand— from the competition. In this talk, we’ll look at the roles of both purpose and innovation — and why they are the two key strategies used by brands creating meaningful differentiation and have a competitive advantage that fuels both growth and profit.

Key takeaways:

-Uncover why today’s modern consumer leans to brands whose values align with their own (the difference between a discerning vs disloyal consumer)
-Gain step-by-step actions for building a strong purpose that resonates throughout an organization and beyond – and how this also impacts employee retention & boosts morale
-Understand how purpose creates cultural conversations & societal benefits
-Learn the Purpose-Profit Loop™ – and why this is the driving force to increase profits and how it’s a virtuous cycle

By the end of the year, Gen Z will become the world’s largest and most powerful consumer force in the market. Connecting with these teens and young adults in ways that lead to growth and market shares will require real change, not just tweaks to a Millennial marketing plan.

This program reveals surprising ways Gen Z is driving a new era of empowered consumerism, rewriting the rules of the market through their old school values and desire to co-create with their favorite brands. Companies and organizations that get this right create fans for life. Those that fail to understand this risk…everything.

Key takeaways:

-Leave with authentic strategies to get past Gen Z’s 8-second attention span to create genuine emotional connections that lead to Brand Love™
-Understand why blatant advertising messages will bomb with these modern consumers as well as how to tap into contagious influencer marketing networks
-Uncover how to create experiences to engage Gen Z in ways that impact consumers in every generation.

In this pivotal presentation, world-renowned consumer expert Jeff Fromm, will equip your team with innovative strategies to reach and engage this mobile-first and socially conscious cohort. The time to learn who Gen Z is and what they want is NOW—this is the way to do it.



The jokes at the Millennials’ expense are aplenty, but not nearly as much as the $200 billion in buying power they now wield as they enter their peak earning and spending years. Love it or loathe it, your future depends on your ability to successfully connect with them—which goes far beyond having a Twitter account and a flashy advertising campaign.

This presentation provides an enlightening look at a spend-happy consumers and a practical plan to build Brand Love™.

Key takeaways:

-Uncover brand-new insights for marketing to Millennials and drive loyalty from both your consumer base and workforce alike.
-Understand the impact of Millennial influence across generational lines and gain step-by-step tactics you can immediately apply to channel-based marketing plans.
-Leave with innovative strategies—grounded in research—to immediately influence the purchasing decisions of modern consumers that impact frequency of use and price advantage elasticity

In this pivotal presentation, world-renowned consumer expert Jeff Fromm, will provide your audience with data-driven insights that drive results through authentic engagement—the foundation to future-proofing brands.



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“Ridiculously knowledgeable” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jeff’s research when it comes to understanding younger generations. We partnered with Jeff to deliver a session on generational studies. The audience was comprised of credit union executives and Board of directors. Participants of this professional development program supported his delivery of research and application. I highly recommend Jeff Fromm for those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of generational studies as it applies to your market place.”


“Jeff’s willingness to tailor his presentation to best suit our conference attendees resulted in one of the highest rated sessions we had. He was well-received as a speaker and authority in marketing strategies. He provided attendees not only with ideas to help grow business, but he took the time and gave the attendees resources to help implement strategies into their own business and marketing plans. I would highly recommend Jeff as a keynote or featured speaker. Thank you, Jeff, for going above and beyond for our conference attendees!”

— National Restaurant Association

“Regardless of your sector, Jeff’s insights will change the way you think about your next generation of customers and stakeholders. You’ll walk away with big ideas on how to engage the sizable and highly influential millennial demographic.”

— Jefferies

“Through compelling examples of brands that are getting it right and those that still have much to learn, Fromm offers useful insight into the values, insights and behaviors that shape this pragmatic generation.”

— Hallmark
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