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Leader in Healthcare

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Kathleen Pagana – Leader in Healthcare
Kathy Pagana
Dress Like A Professional
Modeling Lifelong Fitness
The Etiquette Advantage

6 Programs By This Presenter

Today’s leaders are challenged to continually solve new problems. But they must also implement the creative solutions they conceive. By increasing and sustaining their leadership momentum, they can succeed at both.
Learn how to proactively:

Broaden your knowledge base to help you recognize opportunities when they arise
Evaluate and improve your skill sets
Facilitate the implementation process with etiquette
Create positive outcomes by “failing forward” to success

Do you ever feel like your career is stuck in a rut? Perhaps you want something different but do not know what it is or how to get it. This engaging and inspirational session supports this challenge by generating professional momentum and maximizing leadership opportunities. Participants will learn how to position themselves today for the position they want tomorrow.

Learn how to:

Use opportunities and positioning to re-energize your career options.
Use etiquette as a navigational device to keep you on track by avoiding delays and blunders.
Utilize the power of passion to create and sustain action as you target your goals.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”   However, believing is not enough to reach our dreams and maximize our potential. We need to be proactive and take action demonstrating the importance of investing in ourselves. We need to cross the bridge from ‘saying and thinking’ to actually ‘doing and achieving’. If you’re not for yourself, who else will be? This fun, interactive, and lively program provides the tools and techniques for building a career without sacrificing the importance of a personal life.

Learn how to:

Explain why you (not just coaches) need to have a game plan.
Determine two ways you can start reinvesting in yourself.
Develop a life balance plan that considers your personal and professional life.

This uplifting and thought–provoking program is designed to remind nurses why they chose nursing and to inspire them to face each day with passion and purpose. It will them make proud to celebrate their contributions to the profession they entered as new graduates, the profession they are working in today, and the profession they are shaping for tomorrow’s nurses.

Learn how to:

Implement strategies to enhance pride and power.
Promote a professional presence with patients and colleagues.
Re-energize your passion for nursing.

While nursing education has focused on leadership, management, and professional issues, etiquette has been the “missing link” for success in the workplace. This fun and entertaining session will prepare you to handle awkward and challenging situations that could diminish your confidence, tarnish your reputation, and derail your career aspirations
Learn how to:

Appropriately use email, voice mail, and cell phones for professional communications
Avoid the key blunders which kill professional interactions before they start
Maintain professionalism in networking and after hours functions
Confidently handle yourself in any dining situation
Increase your confidence and comfort during business travel in the U.S.  and abroad

Today’s high achieving individuals feel increased demands on their life, both socially and professionally. They increase the risk of living an “out of balance” life, stressing their health, and making them feel overwhelmed. By being more intentional about our time, we can increase both our productivity and sense of well-being.
Learn how to:

Plan a balanced, productive, joyful life
Create opportunities for balance by deciding what you won’t do
Manage procrastination by building momentum
Use “accountability colleagues” to stay on task


Everything went really well, Kathy is such a wonderful person and so great to work with. She gave away two of her books on Etiquette which was a great hit with the audience.

— HCPro Inc.
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