Lee Cockerell

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Former Exec VP of Operations for the Walt Disney World® Resort

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Lee Cockerell – Business Speaker

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This course explores strategies and tactics for delivering results through Disney’s approach to values-based leadership, helping organizations to grow and succeed. You will learn how to: effectively communicate your vision and examine personal methods for inspiring others; explore successful Disney systems and the organizational structures that support them; examine the strategies Disney leaders employ to keep their teams engaged in their work; employ methods for sustaining momentum toward the achievement of goals; and develop day-to-day behaviors that will assist you in making a long-lasting impact on the people around you.

Communicating and nurturing the culture of your organization is vital to the successful engagement of your employees. From recruiting to career management, employees want to know your expectations and how you are going to support them in meeting those expectations. This course will help you to: select employees with the skills who are the right “fit” for your organizations culture; train employees to make their best contribution and provide them with opportunities to improve their performance; communicate with all levels of your organization; and provide a supportive environment that celebrates success.

Uncover some of the secrets behind the Disney service culture and processes. In this course you will examine the time-tested model for delivering a world-class customer experience and discover how attention to detail creates a consistent, successful environment for both employees and customers. You can then use these ideas to transform and improve your own organizations delivery of quality service.

For decades, Disney has been creating and sustaining lifelong relationships with its customers while producing strong business results. In this course you will explore how to: align your product/services to the expectations of your customers; analyze and improve your customers experience by delivering on your brand promise; develop employee interactions with your customers which leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction, identify opportunities to expand beyond your organizations core products and services, and design an action plan that promotes loyalty in your organization.

Founded upon the principles of creativity and innovation, Disney continues to foster and organize the creative energy of its employees with great success. This course will help you discover how to foster a collaborative environment that unleashes the creative resources of your entire organization; establish systems and processes for effective risk-taking; focus employees creativity on the goals of the organization; implement internal structures and processes that make innovation a reality; and inspire a culture of continuous creativity and innovation.

In one immersive program, Disney’s legendary “Chain of Excellence” incorporates leadership, customer experience, brand loyalty, creativity & innovation, and employee selection, training & retention. For over 80 years, The Walt Disney Company has maintained a comfortable and lasting position in the marketplace due to a strong commitment to its core values. Throughout this course, you gain insight into the strategies that drive the Disney organization. Discover how to adapt these methods to strengthen your organization and drive long-term results.

Learn the five most powerful Disney philosophies – leadership, customer experience, brand loyalty, creativity & innovation, and employee selection, training & retention – and how these universal assets of a successful organization have been applied in the healthcare industry. You’ll hear how, by inspiring leaders and motivating staff, you can enable them to satisfy patients and their families, fostering an environment of patient-centered care and a reputation for service excellence.

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