Mallory Brown Walks Mile 2 out of 26 in Detroit

Posted by Alexis Washington

The wait is over — episode two of Mallory Brown’s Walk a Mile is here! As part of her global marathon, Mallory Brown recently completed mile two out of 26 in her hometown of Detroit, MI, where she partnered with The Empowerment Plan, a nonprofit organization that provides employment for the homeless.



Follow along with us as we recap and highlight Mallory’s travels around the world as she works to improve the lives of impoverished working women and their families in Walk A Mile:


Mile 2: Detroit

Amid her travels around the world, Mallory made a stop in her hometown of Detroit, where she met Ebonie, a single mother who has faced homelessness herself. With her two-year-old son by her side, Ebonie knew this was not the life she wanted for her child.

Woman: Ebonie

Ebonie eventually came across a life changing opportunity presented to her by The Empowerment Plan. She was then able to secure employment and housing for herself and her son. Not only did she gain a job, but she also gained a sense of meaning and purpose.


As part of her employment with The Empowerment Plan, Ebonie sews winter coats that turn into sleeping bags, which are distributed to homeless individuals around the world. Each coat is made by someone who was once homeless and who knows firsthand all of the struggles that come with it.



Charity: The Empowerment Plan

Not only does The Empowerment Plan work to serve the homeless community by providing necessities, but they also strive to uplift them by working to end the cycle of generational homelessness by providing employment to women like Ebonie. 


Visit Mallory’s Crowdrise page for more information and to make a donation.

Your donation to this organization will not only go toward providing a coat to someone in need, but also toward providing employment and uplifting someone out of homelessness. 

For more information on social cause keynote speaker Mallory Brown, please call 1.800.345.5607.

Posted by Alexis Washington
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