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Real Direct. Real Truth. Real Fun.

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Michael McKinley
Michael McKinley

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You simply must change to keep up with your competition. But change doesn’t have to be intimidating. Learn how to react to change constructively, thereby encouraging flexibility in the people around you.

The business bottom line is affected by how you minimize mistakes and achieve consistent productivity. Learn how responsibility and accountability are essential to your survival and growth.

Learn to make the most of each day. People with a positive outlook are happier and more effective both at work and at home. Mike sparks permanent changes by motivating you to focus on what is important in your life.

Right now your competition is busy trying to win over your customers. Don’t let that happen! Learn how to take your clients beyond customer service to a place called “customer specialness,” where your clients are loyal advocates and your sales continually increase.

In an era of cutbacks, improving productivity with fewer employees becomes essential. However, accomplishing more with fewer people takes teamwork. Learn how to meet or exceed your goals—without compromising quality or service standards—by building self-motivated teams.

Learn when to manage and when to lead. Businesses need to be managed, but people need to be led. Effective managers who are also leaders become resource people for, not bosses of, others. And isn’t that what supervision is all about?

It’s hard to succeed at work and at home when both are filled with goals, expectations, and demands. Finding the right balance can increase your productivity and improve your attitude. Put more balance in your life!

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“Mike McKinley was everything we needed and more.  The audience loved him and so did I.  He is an absolute delight.”

— MI Municipal Risk Management Authority 
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