Motivational Speakers Series: Krish Dhanam on ‘Doubting You’

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Krish Dhanam is one of the top motivational speakers and business philosophers, He is the author of American Dream: from an Indian Heart which shares lessons that develop and maintain a vast appreciation for what you have both in potential opportunities and reality. Here is an article from Krish about overcoming the doubt that plays a role in our lives.

DOUBTING YOU by Krish Dhanam

Happiness has been equated to a thermometer in that it gives a reading based on how you feel in response to events around you. Joy however is like a thermostat for it gives you the opportunity to regulate responses from within. Joy has then been described by some as adequate for it allows an individual who possesses it to act in an unadulterated and unabashed way. It is extremely hard in post modern thinking to experience the euphoria of true joy when doubt lingers in the mind about commitments, contributions, character, and confidence. Doubt usually creeps into ones psyche when we wonder if we are making a difference and whether the myriad of choices that becomes ones life is more than a check list of duties that earned a paycheck. Joy comes when you are able to surrender to the moment and ignore the nagging self-doubt that seems to manifest every time you make a mistake.

People in positions of power, influence and authority have an uncanny ability to curtail ambition and propagate fear so that there is just enough doubt in you regarding your ability. This nagging suspicion about whether you are hitting the mark on the productive roads of progress causes just the right amount of doubt that forces you to second guess your entire arsenal. A knee jerk reaction about your ineptitude or an outright confession about your desire to belong and your willingness to correct your action is usually what results. Self doubt wins and suddenly levels the playing field because you have been reeled back to the packs who want you to belong in the name of the team. A little doubt goes a long way in messing with the swing of a batter, the putting stroke of a golfer or the confidence of a race car driver making a turn at two hundred miles an hour.

Realizing that doubt is natural and fear is common is the first step in competition. If you have prepared well and understood the rules of the game, you have earned the right to be in the batters box. The coach’s plan for your success is for you to play your part and belong well. The umpire’s role is to ensure that you understand the boundaries of the game. The pitchers aim to get you out and he colludes with the catcher to make sure you can be derailed. Your job is to shrug off the doubts that come with each at bat as you erase the memory of a strike out and replace it with one that includes a home run. The results that rule an enterprise are a combination of the output of many different people and are based on averages so that an organization can nurture behavior that is scalable. You are unique. There are times when you will be below average and you know you need to improve. There are other times when you will be above average and you will be pulled back. Succumbing to doubt forces you to be average from within and messes with your ability to have joy. Stop doubting and start living.

You can listen to a recent podcast we did with Krish Dhanam here.

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Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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