Murray Banks

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World Class Triathlon Athlete, Inspirational Speaker

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Murray Banks – Educational Speaker
Murray Banks – Business Speaker

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Quality In Our Work, Balance In Our Lives
Working with focus and intensity, yet keeping our lives in balance is a subject that fascinates everyone and Murray delivers it with a medley of science, humor and inspiration. As he weaves your conference theme through his keynote, he will hit these key points…

  • The 10/90 RULE to keep meetings focused
  • Why pressure changes persona and persona affects communication style
  • How the physiology of food, fitness & fun offsets pressure and fatigue
  • What you focus on expands, so focus on the outcome you want

Keeping Our Focus In Changing Times
In a world of change, most people prefer stability and consistency. So Murray presents a small dose of sympathy and leaves organizational change to the consultants… then presents five personal skills for being agile, resilient and adaptable. Change pushes people out of their comfort zone and Murray gives a skilled push with these key points…

  • Using the “Lava Lamp Philosophy” of continuous change
  • Know when to go to the “B.A.R.”
  • Implementing the “RICHTER SCALE OF STRESS” for perceived crisis
  • Using a Switching Skill for change-resistant colleagues
  • Preventing “Pyschosclerosis”

These are tough times and successful organizations need tough teams…
colleagues who pull together, work hard, stay positive and are resilient. A challenging economy and uncertain future make it difficult to give our work teams the reassurance they need to stay focused, so our leadership skills will be critical to our success.

This isn’t the time for a walk through the theoretical wonderland. Murray provides practical, real world skills for being optimistic and staying focused on performance. This presentation inspires and energizes while providing four actionable skills for…

  • Turning problems to solutions with the 10/90 RULE
  • Preventing “G.G.” in tough times
  • Communicating a tough message in a positive framework
  • Keeping your focus when things don’t turn out as planned

Topics and Expertise

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“Your presentation at our recent Burnin’ Rubber sales meeting was fantastic! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews and wanted to let you know that the following day when we played the video clip of you speaking, you received a second standing ovation! Your message was right on target and many people even incorporated some of your messages into their presentations the next day!”

— Citigroup

“Murray – You nailed it! I really thought the delivery and energy was perfect for our team. I couldn’t have written the script any better myself. Thanks again, it was exactly what we needed.”

— PS Business Parks

“Your message was clearly a homerun! We are very appreciative of how you used ‘Energy Systems Group’ not only at the beginning of your message, but throughout the presentation noting the importance of energy, passion, empathy and enthusiasm. Your use of humor and real life examples kept the audience fully in tune with your message of leadership.”

— Energy Systems Group

“Bam! Bam! Bam! That is the recent sound of the hammer hitting the nail on the head! What a great start to our summer conference! There were so many complimentary remarks passed along to me and the sponsor of the keynote had many people stop by their both to thank them.”

— Washington Principals Association

“THANK YOU for the inspiring, not to mention humorous, presentation you gave last week. Since then, I’ve received numerous phone calls from the managers expressing their gratitude (which is not something they routinely do, by the way). They were very appreciative that you took the time to learn about the unique issues and challenges they face and pleased that they were given concrete skills and strategies they could immediately apply.”

— Office of the Court Administrator, Vermont

“Murray, You were just awesome! Thank you so much for starting off our convention with such a bang. Our members loved you and the kids were in such awe. The extra time you spent with those students meant so much to them.”


“We loved how you adapted highlights from our yearbook into your presentation to really focus on our people and company. Thank you for making us laugh and teaching us how to welcome challenge, think creatively and keep our balance in times of change and stress. My colleagues echo my accolades: the response has been nothing less than enthusiastic. This was one of the best yet and your program was paramount in setting the tone of the day.”

— Long Fence, Inc

“I have only been in the office for 45 minutes and have had 3 conversations about YOU – my business office absolutely loved your presentation! I would also like to let you know that I reviewed the surveys and you scored “5″ on every survey (5 being the best possible). That is awesome and that says so much about what and how you present. We want you back next year!”

— Utel Inc

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did. Your message was right on target with our objectives and it was really impressive the way you wove statements from our top executives in the morning into your presentation. It made everything more relevant. Your use of humor and real-life examples made learning very enjoyable and many people commented on how much your advice carried over from the workplace to their personal lives.”

— Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals
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