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Hilarious, Magical, Powerful and Profound

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Randall Munson delivers a powerhouse presentation that blasts through blocks, overturns conventional approaches, and sweeps away the cobwebs. He utilizes the tools of humor, interaction, and logic, paired with magical effects that illustrate the ideas and lock them into the listener’s mind. Participants will gain a fresh approach to problem-solving and a renewed confidence in their own creative capabilities.

In a presentation that’s packed with hilarious stories and visuals, Randall Munson invites listeners to loosen up and laugh, as they experience a shift in perspective on the importance of humor. Participants will come away enlivened and inspired, with usable ideas about how to incorporate humor into their lives and workplace.

Wielding magic, visual props, memorable metaphors, and his ever-active sense of humor, Randall Munson reveals how to powerfully present your products, slash through resistance, and accelerate your sales process. Discover how to lock your products and services into your customer’s minds in a way they will never, ever forget.

We live in a world of very diverse cultures, languages, priorities and appearances. In spite of our vast differences all people smile in the same language. Instead of treating people differently because of their differences we can discover how to treat people the same because of our similarities. Finally: a fresh diversity program that is fun, uplifting and encourages people to treat others well!

Using real-life examples, humor, and powerful images Randall illustrates the concepts that have propelled him to the top of technical presenters. Participants will take away a new understanding of the interrelated elements that compose an outstanding webinar, along with specific practical techniques they can immediately apply to make their webinars powerful, productive, and profitable.

Want to boost your business? Discover the benefits of employing humor at work – including improved productivity, innovation, teamwork, communication, stress relief, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Randall Munson shifts his listeners’ perspective on change, through a skillful blend of compassion, humor, and logic. Using magical effects to illustrate his concepts, he opens people’s minds to the power and profitability inherent in making changes. Participants will take away a new sense of empowerment, along with practical techniques for thriving on change.

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