8 Types of Professional Keynote Speakers and Entertainers

Types of Speakers

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Did you know that there are 8 different types of professional keynote speakers and entertainers?

As a meeting planner, it’s important to know the various types of presenters to appropriately fill the slots of your conference or meeting program. Remember, different types of speakers will produce different results. We can help you make a choice that will have your audience leaving with a feeling of being more educated, more positive, more aware of their business and inspired to contribute more to the team. Making these kinds of decisions, especially for a new meeting planner, can be overwhelming, which is why we are always there to help.

Below, we will walk you through eight various types of speakers and entertainers.

Number One: Professional Speakers

Professional Speakers are hired to present informative content, educate, enthrall, encourage, inspire, and motivate. There are thousands of professional speakers with varying degrees of proficiency and quality.

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Number Two: Keynote Speakers

Speakers who talk for approximately one hour at a general session, dinner, or banquet on any subject of which you can conceive. Keynote Speakers fall into a variety of subcategories: Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Educational Speakers, and Celebrity Speakers.

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Number Three: Seminar Leaders

Any expert on a particular topic or subject whose objective is to educate and or motivate. Their delivery is usually more conversational than that of the Keynoter—with a longer format that allows more interaction between the presenter and the audience. Seminar speakers can truly vary based on the needs of the clients and attendees. It’s best to connect with one of our talent consultants to discover your criteria.

Mel Robbins - motivational keynote speaker - tv show host

Number Four: Workshop Facilitators

Similar to teachers in a school, these presenters usually work with smaller audiences—which allows for more individual attention. The facilitator can provide guidance as participants practice

using newly acquired knowledge and understanding skills.

Number Five: Trainers

They are workshop facilitators who specialize in hands-on training of a specific skill—which will later be used by the participants in their work. Generally, trainers are hired to train employees at the organization’s own facility and only occasionally at a meeting or convention.

Number Six: Industry Speakers

These are speakers with expertise or a reputation in a particular industry or field. The specific information they impart is usually of special value only to a particular audience. For example, a popular industry would be marketing.

Number Seven: The Entertainer

They are used mostly for general sessions, dinners, banquets, parties and special events. These can be humorists, comedians, mentalists, hypnotists, skit and industrial show actors, jugglers, dancers, variety acts, musical attractions and whatever else the mind can conceive of. The Categories are endless.

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Number Eight: The Combination Program

There are a handful of professional entertainers who are also excellent professional speakers. These few not only entertain an audience, but can also educate them — interweaving a powerful and motivating message that can make the difference between a successful meeting and a great one.

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