Benefits of a Speakers Bureau: Working FOR the Meeting Planner

We know, as a meeting planner, you play a vital role in your organization’s success. You’re there to help your company grow in ROI and membership. You there to help keep your organization inspired, educated, and feeling positive about what they do. To accomplish this, you tirelessly work to create successful conferences, meetings and conventions.

Every year you go down the check list of researching the conference venue, selecting the menu for the banquet, organizing all of the vendors, and of course, the most memorable part, selecting the right keynote speakers, seminar and breakout session speakers, and entertainment.

We also understand that using the right speakers bureau will make the most important part of your job, the least stressful part. This is why we are sharing, from over 30 years of experience, 6 ways our speakers bureau has brought success and efficiency to the meeting planner.

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Knowledge, Experience, and Passionate about Serving You

Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is blessed with a staff that is the best-informed and the most service oriented in the industry. We have more than three decades of actively working with hundreds of keynote motivational speakers, celebrity speakers, sports related speakers and corporate entertainers. This has provided us with the keen ability to recognize who is the best at what they do.

In addition, we do all we can to understand a meeting planner’s specific audience, needs and objectives, budget, and only then, to recommend the kinds of programs and talent that will make the meeting planner shine and earn them the well-deserved praise.

Let the Speakers Bureau do the research for you.

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of selecting a keynote speaker or entertainer. If you’re not familiar with speakers and breakout session speakers who are hot, best-selling authors, or who understand the trends of your organization/industry, it can literally take countless hours of sifting through talent. How do you know how good the keynote speaker is? Are they highly recommended? Where are the testimonials from past clients? Are they humorous in front of a large audience of a few 1,000? Without a doubt, this can be overwhelming.

As a speaker bureau, this is why we are the experts. Our experience of thousands of clients, events, speakers, entertainers, we know the best placement for programs and talent to create a successful and memorable event. Our extensive database and library of files, recommendations, and videos will save you time, money, and anxiety. Based on your goals and budget, we will send you 3 or 4 recommendations. All you have to do is read the materials and view some videos. No fuss, no bother.

There’s a huge Advantage to Using a Non-Exclusive Bureau.

Eagles Talent is deliberately designed to be a non-exclusive speakers bureau. What does that mean and how does it help you, the meeting planner? Simply put, we don’t represent specific professional speakers or entertainers; therefore we are not beholden to any particular roster of presenters for whom we need to find bookings. We focus on your needs and recommend any and all guest speakers, celebrities, sports stars and entertainment, even those who are listed with bureaus that represent an exclusive roster.

At Eagles Talent, you, the meeting planner, are our client not the speaker or entertainer.

Our huge database and worldwide affiliations give you access to any and all available keynote speakers, trainers, celebrity speakers, sports related speakers and corporate entertainment. We are committed to researching and recommending the perfect presenter for each unique and particular situation.

The Benefit of Full-Service Bureau … It’s One-Stop Shopping.

While many speakers bureaus confine their attention to a specific roster of presenters, a narrow field of interest, or handle only a specific category of talent, Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau can satisfy all your programming needs. This allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with several different sources, which can often result in mistakes and booking confusion.

Since Eagles Talent is an Full-Service Bureau, we can get you exactly what you want and need for your entire event –– from inspiring speakers in the opening of a conference to the closing keynote speaker. We can bring you the biggest names in entertainment, including celebrities from the Broadway stage, the blockbusters on the big screen, the award-winning TV stars, to the most recognized political speakers — past and present candidates, or the news media who covers them. We can provide you with economists, futurists, motivational speakers, and humorists. Whether you are looking for a comedy headliner, keynote speaker, seminar leader, breakout workshop facilitator, a master of ceremonies, a little dinner music or full-blown after-dinner entertainment, we can fill every talent slot. And for those big show productions, one of our expert event managers will be onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Competitive Prices

On the whole, speakers and entertainment set their fee. You’ll pay the same whether you book a presenter through Eagles Talent or go direct. That’s because in most cases, we receive our fee from the speaker. On those rare occasions where a speaker, entertainer, or celebrity speaker does not pay the bureau’s fee, our markup is among the most modest in the industry. Because of our reputation and the frequency with which we book many presenters and attractions, we are often able to negotiate a better fee for you. We always strive to find the best possible speaker program solutions for your needs and within your budget.

Customized Service

Our innovative approach to true customized service is what helps us make you shine. We do all the research for you, making your job of selecting a conference speaker, celebrity or entertainer as easy and efficient as possible. Our three-step customized service is designed to save you time, money, and energy whilst getting you the best and most-appropriate programs for your audience. We take care of every little detail and are with you every step, even after your event has ended. Our intention is to make Eagles Talent indispensible. We want you back as a client year-after-year.

Let our team of program experts do the work for you by clicking here for help or call us at 1-973-313-9800

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