Celebrity Appearance, Q&A, or Meeting Cameos

Take an ordinary meeting and make it exceptional. Here’s how to book a high-profile celebrity.

Take your regular online event and give it a “wow” moment by bringing a celebrity into it.

Celebrities can be great for getting a team excited about launching a product, to give your team a “pick-me-up” boost, or as a way of showing appreciation. Typically, celebrities can be costly to bring in onsite to a meeting. In some cases, bringing one in virtually can be considerably less. 

Just imagine that you’re in a typical Zoom meeting and suddenly, a well-known person pops in to wish everyone well give you words of encouragement. You might consider bringing in a sports star into your event and motivate your sales team. You could also have a TV/online personality/movie star provide insight on achieving success. Maybe it’s a musician who will perform a special song just for your group. However you decide to include a celebrity, you will totally inspire and get your group excited.

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Sample of Celebrity Speakers

giuliana rancicDaymond John - Shark Tank - Business, Leadership, Motivational Speakerjay shettyBarbara Corcoran, shark tank


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