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The great thing about virtual is anything seems possible!

When you’re doing an in-person event, you’re constrained by the four walls around you and what you have onsite. With virtual, you are limited by your imagination. 

Let’s face it, everything is being reimagined when it comes to online events. Virtual conferences and conventions are anything but typical. You may be planning pre-recorded content mixed with live presenters. Perhaps you want content delivered over 2 days or it could be stretched out over an entire month. 

The bigger point is, the presentation/content you want is all about how YOU want to deliver it. You could be wanting a package that includes presenters delivering a message to your team for Motivational Mondays.  You might want to include a session for your Executive Board to educate them on a topic. Perhaps you are looking to have a virtual Town Hall for your community or educational group. Explore some basic ideas below and let’s collaborate!

More virtual planning options:

Virtual Planning Ideas

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Virtual Event Brief

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