What are the Benefits of Virtual

What are the Benefits of Virtual

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In a world of Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts, it’s important to understand the value of virtual.

What’s great is that virtual is only limited by your imagination. In a time of social distancing, in-person events have been paused, but what about when the pandemic is over and we begin to see a return of gatherings for conferences and conventions?

The truth is that virtual has been around and it will be playing a substantial role going forward. Some groups may decide to do hybrid events, mixing both in-person and streaming.  It should be noted that no two virtual events are exactly alike. One group may want more of a traditional conference with breakout rooms and keynote sessions, while another may want a series of master classes to offer their team. 

As you start comparing differences and considering an online event, here are some benefits:

  • Accessibility: You can reach all around the world.
  • Attendance: In previous years, some people don’t show up because of the cost of flights/hotels, or simply they can’t take the time away from the office.
  • Low Fixed Costs: No food, hotel, or travel costs.
  • Set-up Speed: Most online meetings can be launched and delivered in less time than an in-person meeting.
  • Site Visits: This enables less site visit time.
  • Environmental plus: Less waste in paper, material, and food.
  • Attendee Cost: In some cases, this can lower the cost for attendees to participate.
  • Your Presenter Reach is Global: In previous years, you may not have had someone from another country attend because of the travel costs. Now, it makes more sense than ever.
  • Platform Flexibility: Many platforms offer numerous solutions from breakout rooms to polls and interactive chats. You can also have a wide variety of audience sizes to view the event.
  • Future Use: With permission from the presenter, you might be able to have session recordings for future training or to sell with a VIP Pass.  

Yes, there are many more benefits and it’s good to weigh options for what is most important for you when planning a virtual event. Connect today with our team and begin to collaborate on your vision.

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