5 Tips to Help you Book the Best Keynote Speakers and Entertainers

5 Tips to Help You Book the Right Keynote Speakers & Entertainers

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While we at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau have soaring reputation amongst meeting planners, and track record of success for both large corporations and small organizations, we don’t rest on our laurels. We realize your continued use of our services is result driven. In fact we are in constant research mode of the hottest and most relevant keynote speakers and entertainers out there. We have a team committed to staying on the cutting edge of our industry and are always determined to provide you with exemplary service.

The bottom line is we want the speaker and entertainer to make your event a soaring success, and make you, the meeting planner, shine. To make this happen, here are five tips to help us make sure you book the most successful presenter for your event.

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The Tips

  1. Confide in us:  
  Although we have a roster of mentalist and ESP professionals, we can’t read your mind, so speak to us; tell us everything about your upcoming event. In order for us to recommend the most appropriate keynote speaker or entertainer for a particular portion of your program, we first need to know as much as possible about your organization, your audience and the results you expect. Each of our clients are unique, with different objectives and audience make-up. The more information we have about your organization and your audience, the better able we are to recommend the right presenter.
  2. Be specific about your Budget range.  

There are literally thousands of business speakers, motivators, breakout session presenters, workshop facilitators who speak on hundreds of topics. There are also a myriad of sports stars, celebrity speakers and all categories of entertainers who are available to appear at your events. Their fees can range from below five thousand dollars to six figures.

A professional speaker’s and entertainer’s fee is, in most cases, commensurate with his or her caliber, and only if we are aware of your budget range you’d like us to work within, can we do our best to recommend the very best available motivational speaker, sports star, celebrity speaker, or entertainer. No matter how restricted your budget range is, we will strive to get you the best available presenters.

  3. Let us do your research for you.  

At Eagles Talent, we are blessed with most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the speaker and entertainment industry. We possess one of the most robust databases of professional speakers and entertainment in the industry. In addition, our worldwide network of contacts gives us access to virtually all available professional speakers, motivators, sports stars, celebrities and entertainment. Armed with a good understanding of your presenter requirements and your budget restrictions, we will find for you the perfect presenter while saving you time, money, and energy.

Also be sure to tell us if you are considering, or have already booked, other speakers and entertainment. This will allow us to make recommendations that will complement and support those choices. That’s how we make ourselves invaluable and earn your business.

  4. Tell us what you think.  
  We will email you our talent recommendations, including biographies and video links to help you make an informed decision. Or, if you prefer we can snail-mail DVD’s to you. What we ask, is that you be brutally honest with us about the speakers and entertainers we’ve recommended. If you don’t like them, tell us why, and be as specific as you can. That’s the most effective way for us to better learn about your true needs and desires. Armed with a clearer understanding of your requirements, we will repeat the process until you are completely happy with the selections. We never rest until you are completely satisfied.  
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute.  
   Try to book your presenters as far in advance as possible. The calendars of good motivational speakers and corporate entertainers, in all fee ranges, get booked up quickly, and you don’t want to make do with second best on the date of your event.

Therefore, as soon as you know the dates and venue for your event, that’s when you need to let us start working for you. We realize, with all the details of your event, you have a lot on your plate, but relegating the selection of motivational speakers, business speakers, top inspiring speakers and entertainers to the bottom of your to-do list is a mistake. The right speakers and entertainment, secured early, can make a good meeting great. Call us and let us take care of speaker and entertainment part of your event so that you can take one more thing off your plate, and put it in trusting hands.
  Here are some highlighted pieces of  information that we’ll be asking about:  
   Also, visit our meeting planner Questionnaire checklist to help answer these questions.

Your organization
Date(s) of meeting
Location of meeting
Makeup of audience
Purpose of meeting
Objectives for meeting
Theme for meeting (if you have one)
What kind of presenters are you looking for
Number of presenters needed
What should presenters accomplish
Desired length of programs
How many presenters have already been booked
Who are they
Who else are you considering
Which presenters have you used in the past
What did you like or dislike about them
What is total budget for presenter


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