Learn To Make the Right Program Selection

No matter how much time, energy, and money you invest in planning your conference, the quality of your programs will determine its success or failure. There is nothing is more critical than the selection of the right keynote speaker or entertainer for these programs.

A powerful speaker can dramatize important ideas, stimulate thought, inspire and motivate your audience. A dynamic and charismatic entertainer can add color, excitement and sometimes glamour to an otherwise dull conference. Conversely, poor speakers and mediocre entertainment can turn a beautifully-conceived meeting into a nightmare for the meeting planner. When the featured keynote speaker gets up to address the audience at a convention’s general session, the meeting planner is by far the most nervous person in the room. We at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau are committed to helping Meeting Planners soar to success every time.

It’s all about making the right program selections. Although there are dozens of non-traditional, creative scenarios for using presenters at a conference, there are only three standard situations: SEMINAR/WORK-SHOPS, GENERAL SESSIONS and BANQUETS.

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Knowing the Program Choices

1.Seminars and Workshops are breakout sessions.

These programs cater to smaller audiences and specific topics. Ideal for imparting detailed information, special techniques, regulations and standards, these sessions require high-content presenters who can facilitate interaction and hands-on experience. The following types of speakers are examples:

  • Social Media Speakers
  • Sales Speakers
  • Real Estate Speakers
  • Tax speakers
  • Human Resources Speakers
2. General Sessions.

This program occurs when all conference attendees are assembled together. High-powered presenters are most suitable here and topics are more broad than in seminars or workshops. Motivational speakers (e.g., economist, futurist, etc), entertainers and celebrity types are most appropriate for general sessions.

  • Best-Selling Authors
  • Business Leaders
  • Celebrity Speakers
  • Sports Related Speakers (NFL, MLB, NBA, College)
  • Political Speakers
3. Banquets

Banquets differ from general sessions because these are meal functions. Audiences that have just eaten prefer to be entertained rather than talked at.

  • Humorous Speakers
  • Comedians
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Mentalists
  • Hypnotists
  • Musical
  • Variety acts
  • Celebrity speakers

Let our team of program experts do the work for you by clicking here for help or call us at 1-973-313-9800

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