Customized Three-Step Process

Save Time, Money, and Energy

A speakers bureau should not be in the business of simply selling speakers and entertainers for events. At Eagles Talent, we’re more than a place to secure a booking or closing a date. Instead, we are about building long-term relationships and partnering with corporate and association meeting planners, helping them to find the absolute perfect presenter and program that will make an impact and create a long-lasting positive impression.

For over 30 years, while technology has changed, our three step process for helping meeting planners hasn’t. Throughout this process, our major contribution is the genuine care and attention our entire Eagles Talent team imbues every single program. We are fervent about providing care, before, during, and even after the event is over. This is our promise and commitment.

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The Steps

Step I: The Needs Analysis

Using our experience and incisive questioning process, we conduct a “needs analysis” to find out as much as possible about your organization and the nature and details of your event. We’ll want to know the exact make-up of your audience and what you would like to accomplish for it; whether you already have a theme for us to work with or need help formulating one; what type of programs and speakers you’ve used in the past; what went over well and what was disappointing. We want to hear about your goals, expectations, and of course, the budget range you’d like us to work within.

Step II: The Selection Process

Only after we have thoroughly familiarized ourselves with your audience, needs, and objectives, do we then conduct intensive research into all the available, relevant speakers and entertainers. We then send you video links and information on 3 to 4 selections. If you are not absolutely satisfied, we will find out why. Armed with a better understanding of what you want, we’ll repeat the selection process and submit additional choices for you to consider. We will continue this process until we have found the very best presenters for your event.

Step III: The Follow Through

After selections have been made and contracts issued, that’s when we begin to really shine; we continue to work closely with you and your speaker. We will help you to fill out a pre-program questionnaire designed to help the keynote speaker tailor his or her program to your organization and audience. We’ll arrange any necessary conference calls between the guest speaker and appropriate members of your organization with the specific purpose of further helping the speaker better understand your group and hone their remarks specifically for your audience.

We also attend to the small but important details, such as technical requirements, written introductions, travel schedules and ground transportation arrangements. We’re a stickler for following up to make sure that both you (the meeting planner) and the keynote speaker receive all the correct information so that everyone knows exactly when and where they are supposed to be. With your approval (especially for large entertainment productions) we’ll have one of our expert event managers on location to personally assist with production arrangements.

After the close of your event, we’ll ask you to fill out a very short program evaluation and also share your experience so that we can continue to learn about your needs and improve our service for you. We want to make sure that the speaker and entertainment program portion of your meeting not only went smoothly, but was also a huge hit. Eagles Talent service means that we are on you team until well after you event is over. We take our commitment to you and your organization seriously.

Let our team of program experts do the work for you by clicking here for help or call us at 1-973-313-9800

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