Location, Location, Location: Position Your Presenters for Success

How to Position Your Presenters for Success

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In real estate, it’s location, location, location. It’s not much different when placing the right speaker/entertainer in the right program slot. As a meeting planner, you want to set the speaker up for success — after all, when they are successful, the program is successful … and of course, you are successful!

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The Arc of Your Conference Starts at the Beginning.

  Like any good book or movie, there is an arc to a conference. Can you imagine if a James Bond movie opened with thirty minutes of Bond and another character sitting across from each other at a table — and never moving? You would wonder, what was the movie director thinking, right? You’re expectation is the movie will be kicked off with some sort of high-action sequence — putting you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. Your conference is the same way. It’s all how you kick things off. You’ll want to open your meeting or convention on a high, upbeat note. Generally, your audience will be most alert at the start of the meeting.  
  Don’t forget the breaks.  
  Attention can dwindles somewhat as you get closer to mid morning. A coffee break can perk it up a bit.  
  The Dyanmic Speakers  
  If you present your most dynamic speaker as your opener, they will help keep your audience alive and attentive for the rest of the morning. Your technical or educational presenters can come afterwards.  
  You Just Ate, Now What?  
  Most of us know how we feel after having the big Thanksgiving meal. We want to kick our feet up and take a little nap. It’s natural, the body has to take all that food and use energy to process it — therefore, we get a little sluggish. Now put yourself at the conference lunchtime. It can be a real physical downer. So plan to start your sessions immediately after lunch with a bang. A fast-talking, audience-involving speaker will bring your people back to reality, whether its an educator, a motivator, or an entertainer, it’s the presenter you pick in this slot who will help to rejuvenate your crowd. After that you can play your more technical presenters.  
  End with a Bang!  
  What’s the Fourth of July without the fireworks finale? Can you imagine not hearing the cracks and booms and seeing the exploding bright lights during this festive day? The same expectation holds true for your conference. Your event must end with another upbeat, interesting, high-energy speaker who will leave your audience excited and wanting more. They should walk away feeling positive and ready to conquer the world!
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Let our team of program experts simplify your work life with research and proven recommendations. Click here for help or call us at 1-800-345-5607.

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