Top TED Conference Speakers 2018

Top TED Conference Speakers

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TED started in 1984 as "a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Since then, it has become such a huge success that they began organizing additional TED talks, such as TEDWomen, TEDIndia, TEDx, and many others.

Some of the greatest thought leaders and top motivational speakers have presented at these conferences and provided insight and awareness to ideas once unknown. If you would like to bring in a thought leader, business expert, best-selling author, social entrepreneur, inventor to your conference or event, we can help you with this.

We know how the power of a single speech can inspire greatness, better the world, motivate us, connect us, educate us. Below are a few of the many speakers who have presented at TED. If there is a specific TED Speaker you're looking to book but don't see listed on our site, let us know. We have an extensive database containing thousands of speakers.

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Consider Some of these Select TED Speakers

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  Marco Tempest   Stephanie Decker  
  Magic and Technology
   Hero mother, lost both legs saving children from a tornado
  Jill Bolte Taylor   Dr. Dean Ornish  
  Author of My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey   Forbes magazine's “one of the seven most powerful teachers in the world”  
  David Trumble   Arthur Benjamin  
  Award-Winning Artist, Author   The human Calculator  
  Benjamin Zander   Joachim de Posada  
  The Art of Possibility
   The Power of the Mind
  Adora Svitak   Dan Buettner  
  Using One's Talent & Creativity for a Greater Causes   Secrets of a long life
  Paul Collier   Raspyini Brothers  
  Professor of Economics
   Juggling the Principles of Success
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    Marco Tempest
The magic of Marco Tempest is an unprecedented blend of illusion and technology. His talent and innovation are unmatchable; his technical skill and artistic vision, unparalleled. Corporations worldwide seek Marco’s cutting-edge capabilities in which he aligns to each client’s unique brand, product or event concept.  
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    Stephanie Decker  
    Stephanie Decker's keynote is about finding your inner hero and recognizing the everyday heroes all around us. Stephanie received national attention as the mother who lost both of her legs saving her children during a tornado -- and this was only the beginning of her inspiring story.
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Jill Bolte Taylor  
    For the past ten years, Dr. Taylor has been successfully rebuilding her brain - from the inside out. In response to the swelling and trauma of the stroke which placed pressure on her dominant left hemisphere, the functions of her right hemisphere have blossomed. In addition, she published a book about her recovery from stroke and the insights she gained into the workings of her brain. The book is titled My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey.
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Dr. Dean Ornish
    Dr. Ornish was selected as one of the “TIME 100” in integrative medicine; recognized as “one of the most nteresting people of 1996” by People magazine; honored as “one of the 125 most extraordinary University of Texas alumni in the past 125 years;” chosen by LIFE magazine as “one of the fifty most influential members of his generation;” and by Forbes magazine as “one of the seven most powerful teachers in the world.”
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David Trumble
    Twenty-eight year old David Trumble is an international award-winning cartoonist, author and illustrator, who rose to critical acclaim at the age of 21 as the youngest political cartoonist to work at the Sun Newspaper, one of the largest newspapers in the world with a daily readership of eight million. Trumble currently works as both an illustrator and author, having sold nearly a million children’s books. In addition, he writes and draws thought-provoking cartoons for the Huffington Post, which have garnered millions of views, and been featured internationally through media outlets that include The Today Show, Upworthy, NBS's iVillage, The Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel, The Boston Globe and The Sunday Times in the UK. Described as a "mega-watt talent" and a "consummate professional” by publishers, Trumble's recent illustrations for a Simon & Schuster book soared to the number one spot on Amazon’s “Mover & Shaker” list.
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Arthur Benjamin
    Dr. Arthur Benjamin is a Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. He is also a professional magician, and in his entertaining and fast-paced performance, Dr. Benjamin will demonstrate how to mentally add and multiply numbers faster than a calculator, how to memorize 100 digits of pi, how to figure out the day of the week of any date in history, and other amazing feats of mind.
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Benjamin Zander
    Benjamin Zander travels the world as a speaker to organizations about Leadership. He has appeared three times as a keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he was presented with the Crystal award for "outstanding contributions in the Arts and international relations". A best-selling book, The Art of Possibility, co-authored with his partner, leading psychotherapist Rosamund Zander, was published in 2000 by Harvard Business School Press and has been released in paperback by Penguin.
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Joachim de Posada
    He is the main author of the book Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet: The secret to sweet success in work and in life. It was named the best book of the month by the New York Times and published by Penguin. He has been featured in major publications such as the New York Times and has contributed numerous articles in newspapers and magazines all over the world.
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Adora Svitak
    To further her goal of inspiring today’s teachers, Adora works with school districts across the country — and to inspire the teachers of tomorrow, she speaks at schools of education in universities including DePaul and Bowling Green State University. Adora frequents national and international media outlets (NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and many others.) to advocate for education innovation around the world. A prolific writer on education and education technology, Adora has written for EdTech Magazine and the New Oriental Magazine (China). Adora is a prodigious blogger, she writes frequent posts on 21st-century learning at The Educators’ Royal Treatment, a blog dedicated to education.
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Dan Buettner
    Dan Buettner is an internationally recognized researcher, explorer, and New York Times bestselling author and National Geographic Fellow. He founded Blue Zones®, a company that puts the world’s best practices in longevity and well-being to work in people’s lives. Buettner's National Geographic cover story on longevity, "The Secrets of Living Longer" was one of their top-selling issues in history and a made him a finalist for a National Magazine Award.
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Paul Collier
    Collier writes a monthly column for the Independent, and his commentary also appears regularly in the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. His bestselling book, The Bottom Billion, which has been compared to Jeffrey Sachs's The End of Poverty and William Easterly's The White Man's Burden in its scope and impact, identifies the four traps that keep such countries mired in poverty, and outlines ways to help them escape. He has twice been presented as a TED Speaker, a testimony to his unique importance in the global economy and his skill as a speaker.
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Raspyini Brothers
    Everyday objects come to life in their talented hands. Golf clubs balance in impossible configurations and cabbages collide midair with flying blow darts while blazing torches, 16-pound bowling balls and razor-sharp garden weasels fly effortlessly overhead. Using audience participation, hilarious improvisation, and great comic dialogue, the Raspyni Brothers pack their time on stage with a dynamic mix of skill and style. Performing together since 1982, these two catchers in the wry never fail to win over even the most demanding, hard-to-please crowds.
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