Top Athlete Speakers Who Motivate, Lead, & Inspire

As a kid, you remember the comeback drive that won the game: the key players, the charismatic coach, the defining moment.

Imagine those top athlete speakers appearing at your event, whether it’s a conference, tradeshow, business meeting, or lecture series. Relive those memories — be inspired by the leadership and motivation of these champions.

At Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, we have a rich, winning history of working with some of the most gifted, competitive, top sports motivational speakers in the world.

List of Top 10 Athlete Speakers

Here is a list of the 10 top athlete speakers for speaking engagements and appearances. This is to get you started with ideas on how you can inspire your audience using proven champions on and off the field.

1. Vince Poscente

  • Peak Performance
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Goal Setting
  • Achievement


    3. Bill Walton

    Athlete speaker
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Basketball/ NBA

    4. Eric Boles

    • Personal Development
    • Leadership and Inspiration
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Leadership Speakers

    5. Joe Theismann

    • Hot Sports Speakers
    • Virtual Keynote Speakers

    6. Walter Bond

    Walter Bond
    • Peak Performance
    • Accountability Speakers
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Motivational

    7. Dara Torres

    Olympian Speaker
    • Motivational
    • Swimming
    • Olympians
    • Sports Announcers

    8. Vince Papale

    Sports Speaker
    • Cancer Awareness
    • Inspirational Speakers
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Leadership Speakers

    9. Derek Daly

    • Sales Strategies
    • Peak Performance
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Motivational

    10. Devon Harris

    Inclusion Speaker
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Team Building Speakers
    • Motivational
    • Overcoming Adversity

    Learn Various Ways Athletes Can be Presented

    Q&A (Questions and Answers; sit-down chat)

    This kind of method can be a little less formal and make the athlete feel comfortable and open up to tell those great stories about the football game going into overtime, or the controversial 9th inning decision that changed the team’s destiny. With the help of a great moderator, the athlete can be guided to share the great memories, the high inspiring moments of their career and the journey that the life of sports has taken them.

    Top Athlete Motivational Speakers.

    Athletes make great motivational speakers as they are filled with inspiring stories of overcoming great odds to win the game. They possess a unique ability that gets the audience up from their seats believing their own mountain can be climbed (no matter how big). Sometimes people need a spark to jumpstart their attitude and performance.
    Think about this … when you feel good about yourself, you will want to do better at your job and with your personal life. Why else does a coach give a speech before the big game? To get everyone’s mind focused and energized to perform their best.
    This is why sports figures have traditionally been some of the most requested speakers for opening and closing general session keynote speeches. Kick off your meeting with a bang, or close it with memorable words that will inspire your employees.
    Top Athlete Business and Leadership Speakers

    Who knows how to leader better than current or former athletes or coaches? After all, these top athletes have lead their teams to victories. They understand what it takes to be successful.They know what to do when it’s fourth down, 3 seconds left and they need a touchdown.

    This is why professional athletes are perfect for speaking to business groups. They know how to identify the needs of the team; which people are playmakers; understand the importance of team building; making smart decisions; keeping cool under pressure, and striving to be the best. Sports and business analogies are very similar — it’s a bottom-line world, and the only thing that matters is performance and winning (beating competitors).

    Professional Athlete appearances.

    What attracts a crowd better than an professional athlete appearance. Whether you’re having a grand opening, educational function, or a major event and celebration, having the perfect sports figure there can add tons of excitement and attendance. This is a great opportunity for attendees to take pictures and sign autographs of their favorite sports heros — providing a memory that will last a lifetime.


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