Richard Monette

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Strategic Leadership and Performance Enhancement

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Richard Monette- Business Speaker

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How purposeful actions lead to successful results.
So simple, yet so overlooked. Through years of work as a strategic change agent, Richard has identified purpose as one of the most important ways to enhance performance on both a daily and long-term basis. This presentation educates and inspires individuals and leaders to inject purpose into their daily routines. Richard uses his experience with dozens of unique situations to demonstrate how to do this and why it is necessary.

Great lessons from Olympians and other world champions
Having coached Olympic athletes and world champions, Richard has realized the approach to athletic achievement can be mirrored in any area where optimal performance is desired. This presentation demonstrates how strategies used by Olympians in their quest for gold have parallels in the business world.

An introduction to creative thought in the workplace
Creativity, while sometimes elusive, is what sets successful organizations apart. In this presentation, Richard offers a proven approach to increasing individuals’ and organizations’ capabilities for practicing creative thought within the constraints of workplace realities.

How to improve your score in golf, business and life
One day Richard, an avid and passionate golfer himself, was struck by how perfectly the complexities of the game of golf fit as a metaphor for business, and for life. This presentation stems from that realization and in it Richard discusses golf as the ideal arena for corporate performers to learn how to face new challenges and incorporate new knowledge, skills, and perspectives. Richard also explores this concept in depth in his novel, The Gift, as well as in his Beyond Golf workshop


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