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Elevating Business Performance

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Richard Weylman – Why Should I Do Business With You?
Richard Weylman – Elevating Business Performance
Impulse buy and importance of positioning: Richard Wylman

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Being “different” is not enough to stand out in the marketplace. Today’s buyer engages based upon the distinctive value they perceive you offer. Based on his current CEO Read’s bestseller, The Power of Why – Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, Richard demonstrates how prospects define value. Most importantly, he provides innovative strategies and proven tactics to communicate your value to gain the competitive edge. Every sales, marketing professional and business leader will understand the value they bring to the marketplace and be able to communicate the unique advantages their products or services deliver from the buyer’s perspective.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How do you currently answer the question, WHY should I do business with YOU?
  • The importance of having the right answer so that you can tell “Your Story.”
  • How to position yourself and your practice so qualified people see the value and want to engage.
  • Closing the value gap so your recommendations resonate as the solution they seek.
  • Communicating the emotional value of your offerings so pricing pressures are significantly reduced.
  • Good service is no longer good enough. In a demand economy, people want an elevated experience and it is a key part of how customers and prospects assess and determine value. No longer is it enough to be transactionally efficient, every team member, regardless of their role, needs to deliver an elevated experience to set themselves and the organization apart from all others. The key components that consumers express when asked what constitutes an elevated experience and the actionable tactics to execute are detailed.

    Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • Why great or even personal service is no longer enough to retain their business.
  • How a customer or prospect’s overall experience is an integral part of their perception of real and perceived value.
  • Why an elevated experience illustrates a relational approach over a transactional approach.
  • How the delivery of an elevated experience becomes a clear point of distinction from others in the marketplace.
  • How to elevate your customers experience and create emotional chemistry, stronger relationships, repeat business, and brand advocacy.
  • This presentation, for sales and marketing professionals and leaders, speaks to the empirical research that 87% of individuals belong to some organization that supports what they do for a living, recreation or their special interest. Consequently, Richard delivers specific strategies and prescriptive tactics they can use to uncover hidden opportunities to target and acquire more of the right customers.

    Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How 87% of individuals network and communicate with one another and why it matters.
  • Why your current customer base is full of leverageable markets and networks that are just waiting to be uncovered.
  • How to clearly identify and uncover those hidden markets and networks and move forward.
  • The most effective ways to be highly visible and a “go to” resource in your chosen markets.
  • How to leverage your best customer relationships to gain a steady flow of targeted, warm introductions to the right prospects, not just some random referrals.
  • How to improve your social prospecting skills with the exact words that enable you to confidentially move from “meeting people” to “meeting with people.”
  • How to proactively execute and make the changes that will move you into growth.
  • Leading today’s multi-generational workforce – while increasing productivity, profitability and improving the customer experience – are just a few of the issues facing every leader. Whether you are CEO, president, department head, or sales team leader, these issues require a clear organizational vison and comprehensive communication skills that connect with each generation. It also requires leaders to focus the efforts of their entire organization on becoming purpose driven to serve the external customer.

    Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • The clarity of organizational vision to ensure every team member, regardless of their role, is working with a true sense of purpose to fulfill it.
  • Key insight and actionable steps to communicate more effectively with today’s team members.
  • Proven steps needed to craft an employee-driven, customer-centric culture.
  • A clear process for all leaders to assess how they currently lead and where they can improve.
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    “I was at your presentation at Leap Live in Austin and thought it was great!”

    — — Gane Financial

    “Richard, I have heard nothing but great feedback, and the message fit exactly what we are tracking in our Practice Management training.”

    — Morgan Stanley

    “Richard got ‘rave reviews’ from the Las Vegas meeting. In the ‘post mortem’ review with the managers, his presentation was listed as one of the strongest values in the conference and rally. Home run!”

    — Saladmaster

    “His presentation was awesome. The consultant presentation got them to think about having a more focused business plan. The client presentation was also well received and many clients and prospective clients talked about how they plan to re-position their message! Thanks a million!”

    — Investors Group

    “Thank you for joining us this week at our Annual Meeting and helping us offer an energized closing message. Your presentation on realizing a greater return on investment at the PACK EXPO tradeshow was full of actionable insights that our members can use to prepare for Chicago next month. Thank you for helping us create a great event. It wouldn’t have been much of a success without your help.”

    — The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
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