7 Characteristics of Successful Motivational Speakers

Posted by Sheldon Senek

At Eagles Talent, you could say that we have an eagle’s eye view on what makes successful motivational speakers. We have some excellent speakers who demonstrate the energy and power of world-class motivational speakers.

Becoming a successful motivational speaker requires a suite of abilities that combine to make transformative experiences for audiences. These characteristics are:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Expertise
  3. Passion
  4. Eloquence (or stellar writing skills)
  5. Empathy and Dynamism
  6. Physical Movement
  7. Selflessness

Here’s how each of these 7 characteristics makes for successful motivational speakers

  1. Authenticity – This might be the number one quality of successful motivational speakers. Audiences can sense when a speaker’s life does not align with what they are saying. Any disconnect between what a speaker says and what they really believe can make their talk fall flat. It smacks of the “do as I say, don’t do as I do” style of parenting that can lead to rebellion and resentment. Motivational speakers are most successful when they are the living embodiment of their ideals.
  2. Expertise – People want a speaker who can offer insights that they are unlikely to have come to on their own without significant time or help. A speaker’s expertise can draw the audience in and provide them with real value that they can later apply to real-world situations. There are few things worse than being lectured by someone who knows less than you. A solid knowledge base is a key to successful speaking, and successful motivational speaking is no exception.
  3. Passion – Part of the motivation provided by a motivational speaker lies in the way he or she delivers the words. It’s not unusual to see a motivational speaker with a tear in his or her eye, or to hear his or her voice break. This is not to say that motivational speakers should aim for this level of emotion in every speech, but that the subject should be close to the heart of the speaker. If the speaker is not moved by what they are saying, how can they expect the audience to feel moved.
  4. Eloquence (or stellar writing skills) – Successful motivational speakers are eloquent. There are a number of ways they achieve this. They may be naturally eloquent. Or it can be the result of from many, many hours of rehearsal. Eloquence can also come from excellent structuring and writing of the talk.
    Clumsy phrases, repetition, and unclear messages will get in the way of the speakers goals. Eloquence – however it is achieved – is required for the speaker to meet his or her objectives.
  5. Empathy and Dynamism – Not every audience is the same. So nor should every talk be the same. While experience allows the most successful motivational speakers to hone their words and optimize the delivery of their messages, they should be able to react to the audience. The most successful motivational speakers engage with the audience and subtly alter their performance to match the needs of the audience. A successful motivational speaker will have a script, but they should also have the knowledge, passion, and empathy to change things up if needed.
  6. Physical Movement – The best speakers understand that they are communicating with their entire bodies, not just their voices. An animated speaker can grab, hold, and direct an audience’s attention. Too much movement can be distracting, of course. An audience can become more interested in what is happening on stage than what the speaker is saying. Successful motivational speakers understand body language and how to use it to support clear dialogue and foster engagement.
  7. Selflessness – The final trait of successful motivational speakers is selflessness. Our most successful motivational speakers have a clear drive to help others. They are not on stage to make themselves feel more important or to prove a point. They are moved by a desire to share their unique gifts, experiences, and stories.

At Eagles Talent, we can connect you with some of the world’s best motivational speakers who combine all 7 of these traits to make a wonderful, unforgettable experience for your event or meeting.

To get started with one of our excellent, experienced motivational speakers, get in touch with us today to let us know about your organization and what you need. `

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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