Keynote Speaker Feature: The Scariest Thought Ever To A Business by Scott Stratten

Posted by Alexis Washington

It’s said by many people that pubic speaking is the greatest fear most people have. More than death. So when I was asked about the biggest fears a company has, I came up with the same answer! Companies fear speaking to others in public.

To most companies, speaking to customers on social media, handling complaints, and having employees run-wild virtually is scarier than that house on the block that hands out toothbrushes and raisins on Halloween. Engagement is feared nowadays. To tell you the truth, I don’t blame them. Authors and speakers like me sit around all day waiting for them to screw-up so we can get a screenshot, post it to our blog and put it into our talks/books.

They fear not only messing up, but even more so, they don’t want to see the possible negativity that their brand has earned, that will be tweeted and slapped up on their Facebook wall. The thing is, regardless of your decision to participate on social channels, people still talk about your brand because people share experiences. I can’t actually see any excuse for a known brand to not be at least listening on social channels. If people are singing your praises, thank them. If someone screwed up, apologize. The bar has been set so low for engagement that even if you do it in a mediocre way, it will be amazing, because everyone else stinks at it.

So go ahead, take off that scary corporate mask, smile and hand out some high-fives to customers this Halloween. Better that than the house without any lights on because they couldn’t be bothered. Boo.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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