Top 10 Diverse Keynote Speakers Who Are in Non-diverse Industries

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Today we are recognizing the top 10 diverse keynote speakers who have excelled in fields where they aren’t heavily represented. These exceptional men and women not only smashed through their perspective glass ceilings, but pull up others with their inspirational presentations!

Because of their individual stories and expertise, any one of them would be great for an organization that is looking to shape a powerful mindset amongst their team.


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Olympia_LePoint_SeatedOlympia LePoint

Award-winning Rocket-Scientist, Olympia LePoint has made strides in a male dominated industry. She has made a positive impact on the world by helping launch 28 Space Shuttle Missions into Space. In addition, she won The 2004 Boeing Company Professional Excellence Award, and The 2003 Engineer of the Year “Modern Day Technology Leader” Award. In her keynote presentations, she gives intellectually stimulating advice as she empowers her audiences to overcome fear and be ready for take off. more

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Traveling From: California
Fee: $7,501-$10,000 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Achievement, Media Personalities, Science


NASA Engineer


Shayla RiveraSHAYLA1

Shayla Rivera conquered not only one, but two careers that are considered to be non diverse. She started out as a NASA Aerospace Engineer and shortly after, became a stand-up comedian. Furthermore, Shayla began facilitating life-changing seminars on stress management for companies around the country. She applies her expertise as a speaker to help many non-profit organizations, charitable and educational programs. Shayla has been speaking and performing for 21 years and has a great deal of appeal to men and women of all backgrounds, completely challenging the term “non-diverse.” more

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Traveling From: Texas
Fee: $5,001-$7,500 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Science, Stress Management, Comedy



dr. brian williams Dr. Brian Williams

Dr. Williams presentations incorporates race, medicine, and healthcare resiliency. He shares his tragic story of being the lead surgeon on call to care for several of the victims of the horrific mass shooting during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, one year ago today. more

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Traveling From: Texas
Fee: $5,001-$7,500 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: African-American, Inspiration, Healthcare Experts



jessica mendoza  Jessica Mendoza

On August 24th, Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to work as an Analyst for ESPN’s MLB coverage. In a heavily male populated industry, Jessica truly stood out and made a name for herself. Before she began working for ESPN, she was a two-time Olympian and was a member of the U.S. Women’s National Softball team from 2001-2010. With her winning attitude, Jessica encourages her audiences to be confident in their careers, passions, and skills. more

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Traveling From: California
Fee: $15,001-$20,000 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Baseball/MLB, Olympian, Leadership


US Army

 Consuelo Castillo KickbuschConsuelo-Kickbusch-231x300

As an Army veteran, Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch broke barriers and set records in the military where she became the highest-ranking Hispanic woman in the Combat Support Field of the U.S. Army. Later on in life she retired to return to her roots and become a community leader. Consuelo currently shares her story with people of all ages and speaks on how ethics, compassion, service and diversity make a positive impact in our lives. more

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Traveling From: Nevada
Fee: Call for free
Topics: Military, Patriotism, Hispanic/Latino


Wall Street

 Sallie Krawchecksallie krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck has a record of turning around financial services businesses when they’re in trouble. She does this through eliminating a number of Wall Street conflicts of interests and focuses on the investing client. Her reputation as the most senior woman on Wall Street has earned her nothing but respect. She currently advises multiple start up companies and continues to motivate audiences through her keynote presentations. more

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Traveling From: New York
Fee: $50,001-$75,000 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Women in BusinessCEOs & Business Leaders, Finance & Insurance



 Michelle StacyScreen Shot 2017-07-07 at 12.20.43 PM

Every company Michelle Stacy has worked with, she has strove to be exceptional. Having a majority of men as her competition, that did not stop her from taking on the role of Vice President at Gillette. In addition, she became the Vice President as well as the General Manager at P&G. Michelle Stacy has spoken at many events where she implements advice on business strategies and innovation. more


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Traveling From: Massachusetts
Fee: $10,001-$15,000 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Innovation & Creativity, Team Building, Branding & Advertising



bertice berry Dr. Bertice Berry

As a sociologist, Dr. Berry addresses numerous topics including, gender, race, and age. In her presentations, she uses a humorous approach with her own life experiences to relate to her audiences. She believes that by using humor in her lectures to address difficult subjects such as racism and sexism, it makes a much more profound impact. more

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Traveling From: Georgia
Fee: Call for free
Topics: Motivational, Women’s Issues, Diversity & Inclusion



Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 2.20.16 PM Deborah Perry Piscione

Through years of research and hands-on work with many of Silicon Valley’s pioneer companies, Deborah has found the keys to building organizations into innovation machines. She specializes in helping businesses and organizations understand their under-realized assets and their talented workforce that result in more productivity, and ultimately help them move faster than their competitors. In her keynote presentations, she describes her methods of how to unlock full potential. more

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Traveling From: California
Fee: $20,001-$30,000 – exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Leadership, Life Balance, Commentators/Pundits



220px-Pinkett Dr. Randal Pinkett

As a leading voice for his generation in business and technology, Dr. Pinkett is the founder, chairman and CEO of a multi million-dollar consulting, research, information technology, and data analytics firm. Dr. Pinkett uses his knowledge from his five degrees to inspire others through discussion of responsibility, entrepreneurship and leadership. more



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Traveling From: New Jersey
Fee: Call for free
Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion


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