Top Healthcare Experts


Which Healthcare Speakers are the Best at Forecasting, Understanding Policy & Practice, or Increasing Your Wellness

We guide organizations in booking the top healthcare speakers who have built their reputation through experience and expert insight. They will forecast policy or best practices,  and share how these changes affect your organization.

Also, consider the perfect wellness speaker if your group needs humor or a story that touches the heart.

Ask us Here! Who are the top-rated healthcare speakers for YOUR group?

Top Health/Wellness Speakers

  • Uwe Reinhardt, PhD

    Uwe Reinhardt, PhD

    Indisputed Healthcare Expert
  • Alicia Cole

    Alicia Cole

    Healthcare Educator, Patient Safety Consultant
  • Dee Eddington

    Dee Eddington

    Health and Lifestyle Research Scientist
  • Barbara Bancroft

    Barbara Bancroft

    Health Maintenance and Awareness, Delivered with Humor
  • Robert Wachter, MD

    Robert Wachter, MD

    Co-Author of "Internal Bleeding," Leader of the Hospital Movement
  • Dr. Alexis Abramson

    Dr. Alexis Abramson

    Leading Expert on the 50+, Baby Boomers, Caregivers
  • Jeff Bauer, PhD

    Jeff Bauer, PhD

    Healthcare Futurist, Medical Economist
  • Dr. Peter Salgo

    Dr. Peter Salgo

    Healthcare Futurist, Medical Crisis Expert
  • Brad Nieder

    Dr. Brad Nieder

    The Healthy Humorist, "Your RX for Happy, Healthy LIving." Inject humor into your meeting.
  • Dr. Holly Atkinson

    Dr. Holly Atkinson

    Medical Journalist, Physician Educator
  • Stuart Altman

    Stuart Altman, PhD

    Healthcare and Economy Expert
  • Zubin Damania

    Zubin Damania

    Founder of Turntable Health, Speaks on Innovation & Creativity, YouTube sensation "ZDoggMD"