Top Technology Speakers

Navigate Your Organization Towards the Future of Technology

We help guide organizations in selecting the top Technology Speakers whose expertise is guiding your group towards understanding the value in current technology (such as marketing better using social media), as well as predict the impact of future platforms and devices.

These keynote speakers include the most-recognized futurists, trend experts, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and respected tech writers.

John C. Havens is one of the most cutting-edge technology speaker who provides the cultural impact of technology and how it affects the bottom line.

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Top Technology Speakers

  • Daniel Burrus

    Daniel Burrus

    Futurist, Technology Trend Forecaster
  • Jim Carroll

    Jim Carroll

    Futurist, Trends and Innovation Expert
  • Peter Diamandis

    Peter Diamandis

    Futurist and Founder of the X Prize Foundation
  • John C. Havens

    John C. Havens

    Mashable Contributor, ROI and Cultural Impact of Emerging Technology
  • Glen Hiemstra

    Glen Hiemstsra

    Renowned Futurist, The Shape of Things to Come
  • Shama Hyder

    Shama Hyder

    Award-Winning CEO of the Marketing Zen Group
  • Brett King

    Brett King

    How Customer Behavior and Technology Will Change the Future of Retail Financial Service
  • Scott Klososky

    Scott Klososky

    Trends and Technology: Insights to Help Your Organization Break Through
  • David Pogue

    David Pogue

    New York Times Technology Columnist
  • Michael Tchong

    Michael Tchong

    Emerging Trends and Innovation, How Ubertrends are Shaping Our Future
  • Mike Walsh

    Mike Walsh

    Expert of Future Trends, Innovation, and the Digital Revolution
  • Steve Wozniak

    Steve Wozniak

    Co-Founder of Apple, Inc. and Chief Scientist of Fusion-io