Top Ten Emcees for Corporate Groups and Association Events

Posted by Alexis Washington

Looking for the perfect emcee for your event? Well look no further! At Eagles Talent, we have a unique perspective as a quality speakers bureau having worked with many emcees and also seeing what resonates most with the client and their attendees.  

From that perspective, we bring you our top ten list of our highly recommended emcees for corporate groups and association events!


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1. Laura Schwartz

Few people can say that they worked their way up from a White House intern to one the the most coveted roles in the Clinton Administration. Fortunately, Laura Schwartz can. Laura inspires everyone with her unique success story and never fails to give audiences the real insight into succeeding in every aspect of life.


2. Jon Stetson

Blending his unique sense of comedy, keynote speaking and even mind reading, Jon Stetson brings a fresh perspective to every event he attends. An all around solid corporate entertainer, Jon Stetson is the only entertainer/speaker in America who truly understands the importance of capturing the mindshare and heart share of your audience.


3. Dayna Steele

Internationally known as the Daily Success Speaker, CEO Dayna Steele goes above and beyond to make a positive impression on audiences around the world with her vast expertise on networking and business entrepreneurship. Companies can rest assure that their crowds will be thoroughly inspired by her lively and invigorating keynote presentations! 


4. Ross Shafer

Ross Shafer is not only an Emmy Award winning comedian, writer, and TV producer, but he is also one of the world’s most in demand keynote speakers. Drawing from his personal experiences, he crafts his perfectly tailored keynote speeches and gives insight on company transparency, responsibility and accountability.


5. Matt Weinstein

Matt Weinstein is an expert keynote speaker who leads the pack by perfectly blending the art of humor and team building. Matt speaks from his own very own unique background, such as the time he was duped by Bernie Maddoff, and crafts them into inspirational messages for your audiences to take with them for life.


6. Greg Schwem

Known as the “King of the hill in the growing world of corporate comedy,” Greg Schwem is a comedic keynote speaker who prescribes his audiences with the perfect dose of humor and motivation. An unlikely comedian, Greg’s message stands apart in the sense that he thoroughly researches every company that he goes to speak for, making sure that he establishes a connection between him and the audience.


7. Frank King

Frank King is an avid believer in the healing power of laughter. Performing a clean and clever presentation, Frank King continues to cement his name as one of the most beloved keynote speakers in America.


8. Dale Irvin

Not only is Dale Irvin an author, actor, and widely televised comedian, but he is also one of the nation’s most sought after keynote speakers. Achieving immense success in the world of television and entertainment, Dale has gone on to acquire some of the most prestigious speaking honors in the industry and demonstrates his vast skill in the world of comedy and humor.


9. Bill Herz

Bill Herz is regarded as one of the most entertaining and corporate magicians in the world. Charismatic and flamboyant, Bill Herz maximizes audience participation to ensure companies get the absolute most out of his inspiring message.


10. Roy Firestone

Roy Firestone is a multi talented keynote speaker who uses humor, observation, video clips, and more to deliver the perfect message to your organizations audience. As an award winning broadcast sports journalist, Roy knows the perfect formula to hook and engage all types of crowds as they get inspired by his energetic and compelling speeches.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
Alexis Washington writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips and tricks for corporate meeting planners. If you need a guest professional speaker or corporate entertainer for your next convention or conference, you can visit

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