10 Keynote Speakers You Should Listen to on Soundcloud

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Each story being told differs dramatically, and so do the people behind the voices. The elements that unify them together are their valuable lessons, moving stories and words of motivation.

Below are audio clips of our managed speakers. Listen how they inspire new perspectives, and give their audiences the tools they need to achieve and succeed.


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1. Phil Hansen

In this podcast, Phil shares his story of how limitations can become the passageway to creativity! He encourages his audiences to embrace their struggles and teaches them how to do just that.

2. Stephanie Decker

After saving her children while her house was ripped away by a tornado right before her eyes, Stephanie Decker lived to tell the tale! Her heroic actions did not go unnoticed as she has become a true symbol of survival. In this speech, she uses her story to bring awareness and shows her audiences how to overcome traumatic experiences with positivity.

3. Laura Schwartz 

At just 19 years of age, Laura Schwartz started as a volunteer at the White House answering phones in the press office. Immediately proving her value, Laura rose to become the Director of Events for the Clinton Administration. In this thought-provoking presentation, she gives her listeners the motivation and drive to stay focused in their careers, passions, and every day life. 

4. Scott Greenberg

There is no foolproof formula to guarantee growth in business or improved teamwork. However, Scott Greenburg sure makes it seem like there is. In this keynote presentation, he explains the importance of sales, communication in customer service, and the strategies that need to be incorporated when working with a franchise business. 

5. Mallory Brown

With just a backpack and a hunger to help the world, Mallory Brown has set the bar high ever since she began traveling around to 22 countries in counting and began to utilize social media to help raise money for numerous organizations and people in need. Her unique approach to charity is truly making a mark in the philanthropic world and in this podcasts, she proves that every single person that contributes can undeniably make a difference.

6. Amelia Rose Earhart

Named as one of the “Top Ten Young Americans” by the Jaycees, Amelia Rose Earhart recreated and symbolically completed the 1937 flight of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. In her presentation, she discusses her 28,000 mile flight around the world in a single engine aircraft which became a story filled with determination, courage and empowerment for all audiences who have ever wanted to seek new horizons.

7.  Janine Shepherd

From being told she would never walk again to being told she had earned her wings as both a pilot and an aerobatics instructor — Janine Shepherd has conquered one of the toughest battles. Through this keynote presentation, she describes her conflicts and how she chose to overcome them. She has continued to inspire audiences and leave them with a positive outlook on life’s change of plans.


8. Lisa Copeland

Pursuing a career in the automotive industry isn’t perceived as the typical road for a woman to go down, but Lisa Copeland had a different plan for society. With over 25 years of proven success in automotive sales and brand strategy, she has truly trail blazed a new path. In this podcast, she encourages her audiences to make strides in any industry they want, no matter the odds.


9. Dr. Todd Dewett

After earning several degrees including a PhD in Management from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, Dr. Todd Dewett has continued to create a library of work with — making him a two-time global best-seller earning praise from professionals in over 170 countries. During this speech, he presents information to audiences that inspire leadership, responsibility and a realistic approach to get ahead in life. 

10. Gabe Zichermann

Using gaming techniques to run a business might sound silly, but so far Gabe Zichermann has been doing just that. He is the foremost expert on designing for engagement, helping organizations, corporations, and individuals understand technology on a deeper level. In this keynote presentation, he explains how combining gaming techniques to the real world can result in true success. 

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