Transform Your Business: Learn the Importance of Keeping up with Technology

Posted by Alexis Washington

The new transformer movie ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ enjoyed the highest-grossing Fourth of July film debut ever over a weekend. The movie took in an estimated $97.5 million. So far it is the leading blockbuster of the summer. Director Michael Bay keeps finding new ways to re-invent and improve this highly successful series.

Today many companies areĀ  also being re-invented and improved. Technology has transformed business, but there are still some companies that are resistant to change. However, technology upgrades are necessary to stay relevant and connected to today’s business world.

Personally, I used to work with a company that was extremely resistant to anything technology related. Simple things like computer upgrades were ignored or avoided like the bubonic plague. Any new software request required special permission; and broken printers were backed up with typewriters. Their practices were time consuming and obsolete. So it wasn’t a big surprise when they started losing business to their competitors–who were doing things faster and more efficiently. Do not be intimidated by these high-tech times. Everything is becoming more user friendly and appeals to all demographics.

Relationship Marketing and Technology Expert Terry Brock believes that, “Today things are a little bit different. Fast and nimble are better. When you can make decisions quickly, when you can adjust and adapt to the way the world is today, you will succeed.” Doing things quickly and accurately can revolutionize any business. Certain technologies can provide different avenues to reaching your desired goals. Many computer programs and various software’s purpose is to organize and calculate information, completely removing human error from the equation. But technology isn’t void of all humanity. Social media sites keep relationship marketing highly popular and relevant.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to increase employee productivity. One popular method is blocking every site that is deemed inappropriate or counterproductive. But the internet is nothing to be feared. If utilized correctly, it is the ultimate business tool. Futurist and Keynote speaker Harry Dent Jr. says that “the internet is to the new economy, what the assembly line was to the old. Its a whole new way of doing business.” Dent is an expert in helping people understand change in the global economy. Today technological advances are leading the business world. If you don’t follow where it is headed, you will be left behind.


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Posted by Alexis Washington
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