Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl with Help from Team Building Expert, Brian Holloway

Posted by Alexis Washington

Team Building Expert and five-time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway went to the Super bowl with Baltimore Ravens, after working with the team this year. The foundation of their Super bowl success last night, had a lot to do with putting into practice Brian’s ‘5 Winning Covenants,’ which he discusses below.

I’ve been working with Ravens for the entire season. Our focus was on:

5 Winning Covenants:

(1) Belief. That there is another level of focus, performance, achievement, energy, ideas and solutions available. Everyone must rise to that level.

(2) Making adversity and disruptive platform are competitive advantage. As competitors they would turn their mindset from overcoming adversity — to creating adversity for the competition. Instead of trying to survive the disruptive platform — they would be the disruptive platform. (So the lights going off was yet another competitive advantage in their minds).

(3) Everyone must carry the game ball to win. At any moment, at any time, from any place, each player must take full ownership and accountability to win. Everyone must contribute. Doing your job and nothing more was not enough.

(4) Unleash the Passion of the PLAYMAKER. This is that unexplainable power, ideas, resources, solutions, strategies that become available when we stop focusing on what’s not working — when we unleash it — anything and everything instantly becomes available.

(5) All this must come together as a total TEAM, bound by shared goals and shared values, sealed by love, courage and commitment. That’s the only way to get to 1+1 = 3. Because in today’s super competitive environment, who you are individually, is not enough to win it all. There’s not enough time, information, ideas, solutions, funding, to win. You must create the advantage in TEAMS think, TEAM performance, TEAM acceleration.


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Posted by Alexis Washington
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