Eagles Talent Speaker Management Services  
  Eagles Talent is always looking to partner with proven professionals who are in need of speaker management services. Our management team allows the speaker to focus on what they love ... their speaking engagements, their profession, and family. With our speakers, we become an extended office, taking care of business: professional advice, inquiries, logistics, negotiating and marketing.
  The Value of Working with Eagles Talent  
  • We provide representation for speakers by utilizing our extensive relationships with in-house clients, professional meeting planners, production companies and many speaker bureaus partners.

  • We will feature the speaker on the ETSB website as well as work to maximize exposure with other professional groups and bureaus by providing news-worthy content, updates, videos, bios, programs, and topics. We'll use all channels, such as direct messaging, in-person networking, and social media.

  • We will help guide the speaker on their speaking career, provide professional advice on presentations, marketing and branding.

  • We become the speaker’s office by handling all speaking inquiries from possible clients in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring we give up-to-date fees, expenses. We take the time to understand exactly how a client is interested in using the speaker, and, in turn, negotiate an appropriate fee on the speaker’s behalf.

  • We work to manage the speaker's calendar, including leads, holds, and upcoming events in order to qualify serious requests.

  • We issue firm offers and contracts on the speaker’s behalf, as well has handle all logistics which include travel, riders, conference calls. We also take care of invoicing for deposits/balances/expenses for speaking engagements.  
  The Best Fit  
  Speakers who are the best fit for us typically already have incoming business. They are in need of PARTNERING with a management service because they are way too busy with speaking engagements (writing books, their profession, etc.) to handle incoming requests and need help managing the calendar, logistics. They also may need assistance in developing professional speaker relationships. Our services are generally not geared towards speakers starting their careers.  
  Interested? How to Submit  

If you are interested in our speaker management services, kindly go to this link and connect with us: Eagles Talent Speaker Management.

  Because we recieve so many submission, we are unable to provide feedback on all submissions. We will reach out to you only if we feel there is a fit.  
  If you are a speaker interested in being listed on our site as a non-exclusive speaker, visit our speaker and entertainer submission page.