Working with Eagles Talent

This is my first time booking a speaker or entertainer. What's the process?

Step I: The Needs Analysis
Using our experience and incisive questioning process, we conduct a “needs analysis” to find out as much as possible about your organization and the nature and details of your event. We’ll want to know the exact make-up of your audience and what you would like to accomplish for it; whether you already have a theme for us to work with or need help formulating one; what type of programs and speakers you’ve used in the past; what went over well and what was disappointing. We want to hear about your goals, expectations, and of course, the budget range you’d like us to work within.

Step II: The Selection Process
Only after we have thoroughly familiarized ourselves with your audience, needs, and objectives, do we then conduct intensive research into all the available, relevant speakers and entertainers. We then send you video links and information on 3 to 4 selections. If you are not absolutely satisfied, we will find out why. Armed with a better understanding of what you want, we’ll repeat the selection process and submit additional choices for you to consider. We will continue this process until we have found the very best presenters for your event.

Step III: The Follow Through
After selections have been made and contracts issued, that’s when we begin to really shine; we continue to work closely with you and your speaker. We will help you to fill out a pre-program questionnaire designed to help the keynote speaker tailor his or her program to your organization and audience. We’ll arrange any necessary conference calls between the guest speaker and appropriate members of your organization with the specific purpose of further helping the speaker better understand your group and hone their remarks specifically for your audience.

We also attend to the small but important details, such as technical requirements, written introductions, travel schedules and ground transportation arrangements. We’re a stickler for following up to make sure that both you (the meeting planner) and the keynote speaker receive all the correct information so that everyone knows exactly when and where they are supposed to be. With your approval (especially for large entertainment productions) we’ll have one of our expert event managers on location to personally assist with production arrangements.

After the close of your event, we’ll ask you to fill out a very short program evaluation and also share your experience so that we can continue to learn about your needs and improve our service for you. We want to make sure that the speaker and entertainment program portion of your meeting not only went smoothly, but was also a huge hit. Eagles Talent service means that we are on you team until well after you event is over. We take our commitment to you and your organization seriously.

Will I be able to speak with a presenter before I book him or her?

In most cases, yes. We are happy to arrange a conference call with a speaker. These calls help provide further insight as to how the speaker could best meet your objectives and expectations.

Can Eagles Talent research a speaker that we're interested in booking?

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of selecting a keynote speaker or entertainer. If you’re not familiar with speakers and breakout session speakers who are hot, best-selling authors, or who understand the trends of your organization/industry, it can literally take countless hours of sifting through talent. How do you know how good the keynote speaker is? Are they highly recommended? Where are the testimonials from past clients? Are they humorous in front of a large audience of a few 1,000? Without a doubt, this can be overwhelming.

As a speaker bureau, this is why we are the experts. Our experience of thousands of clients, events, speakers, entertainers, we know the best placement for programs and talent to create a successful and memorable event. Our extensive database and library of files, recommendations, and videos will save you time, money, and anxiety. Based on your goals and budget, we will send you 3 or 4 recommendations. All you have to do is read the materials and view some videos. No fuss, no bother.

Our huge database and worldwide affiliations give you access to any and all available keynote speakers, trainers, celebrity speakers, sports related speakers and corporate entertainment. We are committed to researching and recommending the perfect presenter for each unique and particular situation.

Are you a full-service bureau?


While many speakers bureaus confine their attention to a specific roster of presenters, a narrow field of interest, or handle only a specific category of talent, Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau can satisfy all your programming needs. This allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with several different sources, which can often result in mistakes and booking confusion.

Since Eagles Talent is a Full-Service Bureau, we can get you exactly what you want and need for your entire event –– from inspiring speakers in the opening of a conference to the closing keynote speaker. We can bring you the biggest names in entertainment, including celebrities from the Broadway stage, the blockbusters on the big screen, the award-winning TV stars, to the most recognized political speakers — past and present candidates, or the news media who covers them. We can provide you with economists, futurists, motivational speakers, and humorists. Whether you are looking for a comedy headliner, keynote speaker, seminar leader, breakout workshop facilitator, a master of ceremonies, a little dinner music or full-blown after-dinner entertainment, we can fill every talent slot. And for those big show productions, one of our expert event managers will be onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How competitive are you on pricing?

On the whole, speakers and entertainment set their fee. You’ll pay the same whether you book a presenter through Eagles Talent or go direct. That’s because in most cases, we receive our fee from the speaker. On those rare occasions where a speaker, entertainer, or celebrity speaker does not pay the bureau’s fee, our markup is among the most modest in the industry. Because of our reputation and the frequency with which we book many presenters and attractions, we are often able to negotiate a better fee for you. We always strive to find the best possible speaker program solutions for your needs and within your budget.

Do you consult with us to find a presenter?

Yes. Our innovative approach to true customized service is what helps us make you shine. We do all the research for you, making your job of selecting a conference speaker, celebrity or entertainer as easy and efficient as possible. Our three-step customized service is designed to save you time, money, and energy whilst getting you the best and most-appropriate programs for your audience. We take care of every little detail and are with you every step, even after your event has ended. Our intention is to make Eagles Talent indespensible. We want you back as a client year-after-year.

Speaker Solutions

What are some basic questions to consider when searching for the right speaker?
  • What is the purpose of your event?
  • What do you want the attendees to walk away with after the presentation?
  • How do you envision this speaker adding value to the event?
Who does Eagles Talent represent?

In addition to the talent roster on our website, we have access to countless other speakers who inspire, educate, and entertain. Whether you need a politician, motivational speaker, sports star, or celebrity, our number one goal is to meet your speaker-event needs.

I’m interested in a speaker not listed on your site, can i book them through Eagles Talent?

Yes. If there is a specific person or group you’re interested in, please email us, or call one of our consultants at 1.800.345.5607.

Can we book speakers for a webevent/webinar through Eagles Talent?

Yes. We understand that some clients are turning to online solutions to communicate a message, provide business tips, or, for networking and training initiatives. Eagles Talent can meet your online web-event needs, by offering the best speakers in the world.

Fees and Additional Costs

Does Eagles Talent charge for its consulting services?

No. Our fee is contained in the speaker’s fee.

What are the payment terms?

The following is the standard payment schedule:

50% Deposit  
Due: 2 Weeks from Executed Agreement Date

50% Balance: $5,000  
Due: 1 Month Prior to the Event,

Working with a speakers bureau protects you by ensuring that the engagement goes off splendidly, and removes any awkward payment issues that you may not have negotiated (between you and the presenter) had you created the contract yourself. At Eagles Talent, we make sure that all fees, expenses, and method of payment is clear in the contract – which removes all surprises.

Are there any other costs in addition to the speaker’s presentation fee?

Yes. Clients normally cover the following for the speaker:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Overnight accommodations
  • Food and incidentals (sometimes arranged as a per diem charge).
  • Audio/visual equipment (especially when booking high-end entertainers or high-profile celebrities)

Some speakers provide a flat travel fee to cover airfare. This can often be a plus instead of going back and forth on the costs and collecting receipts, etc.

Can I negotiate a lower fee directly with the speaker?

Most professional presenters have set fees for their speaking services. Reputable corporate presenters will maintain the integrity of their speaking fee regardless of who the client is. Just know that you will not necessarily negotiate lower fees when dealing directly with the speaker than you will when dealing through a speakers bureau. At Eagles Talent, we always negotiate the best deal for our clients. We have over 40 years in the industry with a solid reputation and strong, personal relationships with presenters, which makes requesting your needs and negotiating speakers fees easier.

What if we cancel the speaker?

Once a specific engagement is confirmed, that date and the surrounding time necessary to get the presenter to and from the engagement, is blocked off the presenter’s calendar. That block of time is considered “sold” and thus removed from the marketplace. It is therefore understandable that a late cancellation can cost the presenter money, not only from your cancelled engagement but also from other possible engagements they might have turned down because the date was already sold. Chances are, the professional speakers will not be able to re-book the date(s) on short notice. It is for this reason that guest presenters insist on a percentage of their fee in the event of a cancellation, and in some cases may want their entire fee paid. Since there is not a current industry policy regarding cancellations, this is a negotiable item. You will find, however, that the more popular and independent the presenter, the more stringent the cancellation clause. Again, working with Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, we guide you through this, leaving nothing to chance.

It is our advice that if you’re not 100% committed to using a particular presenter or you suspect that your meeting might be cancelled, don’t sign the contract. On the other hand, remember that by waiting too long to sign the contract you run the risk of losing the presenter to another party. In any case, you may want to negotiate the number of days after the date should not be cancelled.

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Event Details

Who books the speaker’s travel arrangements?

Although this may vary, most speakers prefer to handle the travel arrangements themselves. Our event-management team will assist you every step of the way to handle the speaker’s travel logistics to meet your event timeline. Eagles Talent will provide you, prior to the engagement date, the presenter’s final (detailed) travel itinerary and all other pertinent information. Travel and incidental expenses (delineated in the contract) are usually billed after the engagement.

What are production requirements for presenters?

There is no such thing as “standard” production requirements. Each presenter is different with their own quirks and production needs. Be sure to inquire as to those needs beforehand and make sure they are included in the contract.

Production requirements include staging, lighting, sound, visual equipment and lecture-aids (such as laptop, digital projectors, lectern, table, stool, flip chart, water, etc.). The production costs to stage some celebrity entertainers can be thousands of dollars above and beyond the initial agreed-upon-fee. Be very specific about these needs in your contract.

If the presenter requires handouts, be sure to set out beforehand who is responsible for the printing, shipping, and storage costs. Also, if your presenter needs the attendees to use their mobile devices, you should be aware of this as well (so you can ensure WIFI). If your contract space is limited, add an addendum.

Can we stream the presentation?

Many presenters have spent years researching, compiling, organizing and honing their material. Because it’s their livelihood, most presenters include a clause forbidding the engaging party to record, via audio video, and post on video sites (such as YouTube) of their programs without express written permission from them. Depending on the presenter’s policy, reproduction privileges may be extended, sometimes at an additional cost. Ask for permission and include it in your contract. Your presenter might agree to a small segment of their program being recorded if it is to be used only by the organization for archival purposes, or as a retrospective of the conference to be shown to the attendees at the end of the meeting.

Web Streaming Keynote Speakers.

If you’re considering web streaming the keynote address live, you should have have express written permission to do so. Sometimes there are additional fees involved in this.

What should we know about bookuct sales?

Many professional presenters have authored books and educational recordings which they make available for sale at the back of the room after their presentations. Some speakers however, provide a product website or bring along order forms to distribute or make available to the audience. For many presenters, the sale of their products make up a substantial percentage of their income.

Many audiences appreciate the opportunity to take home the presenter’s message to share with the others or as a review for themselves. Because occasionally a speaker has been known to spend too much time pitching their products during their presentation, some organizations have come to object to these sales. Find out your organization’s policy on these sales and let your presenter know beforehand, both verbally and in your contract, whether you will allow such sales to be included in their program. If the sale of product is allowed, then be sure to clearly delineate how these sales are to be handled. Another advantage to working though Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is that we are extremely sensitive to an organization’s policies and needs and have many years of experience at tactfully handling these kinds of liaisons between the meeting planner and speaker.

Presenter Programs and Topics

When do we select the topic and programming for the speaker?

Because many presenters offer several different programs, your contract needs to clearly state the specific program you have negotiated. You should be aware of the programing when you select a speaker. Typically, you’ll find that the speaker profile page. We always recommend setting up a discovery call prior to booking the speaker to help get a better idea of the presenter’s content/programs.

You may have, in general selected a program, but may need to set up a conference call, prior to the event, to dive deeper into content with the presenter.

What are various types of session for speaking programs?

Seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions: These programs cater to smaller audiences and specific topics. Ideal for imparting detailed information, special techniques, regulations and standards, these sessions require high-content presenters who can facilitate interaction and hands-on experience.

General session: This program occurs when all conference attendees are assembled together. High-powered presenters are most suitable here and topics are more broad than in seminars or workshops. Motivational speakers (e.g., economist, futurist, etc), entertainers and celebrity types are most appropriate for general sessions.

Banquet/Gala/Celebration programs: differ from general sessions because these are meal functions. Audiences that have just eaten prefer to be entertained rather than talked at.

General Questions

Can I record a video or audio of the performance?

Written permission must be obtained prior to the presentation. Permission varies based on the purpose of the recording and the speaker’s personal policy.

If I’m a speaker, how can I get Eagles Talent to represent me?

If you are a professional speaker and interested in working with Eagles Talent, please visit our Speaker Submission web page which outlines our submission policy. Thank you very much for your interest.

Virtual and Hybrid Events

What are some creative ways to incorporate virtual events?

When you’re doing an in-person event, you’re constrained by the four walls around you and what you have onsite. With virtual, you are limited by your imagination.

Let’s face it, everything is being reimagined when it comes to online events. Virtual conferences and conventions are anything but typical. You may be planning pre-recorded content mixed with live presenters. Perhaps you want content delivered over 2 days or it could be stretched out over an entire month.

The bigger point is, the presentation/content you want is all about how YOU want to deliver it. You could be wanting a package that includes presenters delivering a message to your team for Motivational Mondays.  Here’s a short list of ideas to consider:

  • Virtual Keynotes
  • Team Training and Workshops
  • Celebrity Appearance Q&A, or Cameos
  • E-Learning for Associations
  • Master Class
  • Executive Learning
  • Town Hall
  • Boardroom Meetings
What are the benefits of virtual events?

As you start comparing differences and considering an online event, here are some benefits:

  • Accessibility: You can reach all around the world.
  • Attendance: In previous years, some people don’t show up because of the cost of flights/hotels, or simply they can’t take the time away from the office.
  • Low Fixed Costs: No food, hotel, or travel costs.
  • Set-up Speed: Most online meetings can be launched and delivered in less time than an in-person meeting.
  • Site Visits: This enables less site visit time.
  • Environmental plus: Less waste in paper, material, and food.
  • Attendee Cost: In some cases, this can lower the cost for attendees to participate.
  • Your Presenter Reach is Global: In previous years, you may not have had someone from another country attend because of the travel costs. Now, it makes more sense than ever.
  • Platform Flexibility: Many platforms offer numerous solutions from breakout rooms to polls and interactive chats. You can also have a wide variety of audience sizes to view the event.
  • Future Use: With permission from the presenter, you might be able to have session recordings for future training or to sell with a VIP Pass.

Yes, there are many more benefits and it’s good to weigh options for what is most important for you when planning a virtual event. Connect today with our team and begin to collaborate on your vision.

Should we do a virtual live or pre-recorded?

There’s nothing like something being live, right? After all, who wants to watch a recorded sports game with the outcome already decided, right? When you tune in to watch the news, you want to know that it’s in real time in order to get up-to-the-minute information on a current situation. However, if you look closely, you will begin to see so much pre-recorded content for both the news and sporting events. Think about all of the produced stories that are run on the news and the pre-recorded segments or commercials between the plays. Having some content pre-recorded is a good thing. It’s a great way to help your event flow from session to session.

One of your questions might be – should the presentation be live or pre-recorded?

You don’t want to take away from content seeming like it was picked off of Netflix and anyone has access to it. However, by pre-recording sessions, you can lower the chances of something going wrong on the tech side (connectivity issues, latency, etc.). You might event consider a hybrid where the presenter is recorded, but doing a live Q&A as the event is going on. By pre-record, it’s puts you more in the drivers seat on when/how the session will be delivered.

The truth is, only you can decide if certain content/sessions should be live or recorded. It’s really about YOUR event flow. With content that is pre-recorded, there’s a REAL opportunity to produce something that is meaningful and has some production value to it.

Just be aware that when things are pre-recorded, it can be an added cost. It comes down to the content and how produced it will be.

What are some basic tips for an impressive virtual event?

Below are 5 helpful ideas to get one of these off the ground.

1. It starts with you (Your Organization and attendees)
Much like putting together a live in-person event, you have to dive into the same questions, Who are the attendee types? Sales, marketing, leaders, an association, general audience. Also, consider demographics, or other variables (like is this for a Women’s Leadership Online Conference).

What is the theme of the event? The more you can determine your theme (the focus of the gathering), the other pieces of the event come together. Outcomes. We think it’s helpful for you to come up with at least three outcomes that your online attendees should walk away with.

What is your budget? Like doing a live event, you have to stay within your budget — from choosing the right platform to selecting the right presenter.

What are the deciding factors in selecting presenters for your online event? Is it budget, presenter’s experience/credibility, or it could be that your committee needs to make an unanimous decision.

What is your deadline in deciding and have you created planning phases? This helps keep you on track to make a decision.

2. Select the right content Presenter
Our expertise is in communication and change. Whether it’s a live or streaming event, we specialize in providing the best and most engaging keynote speakers to deliver the message. Just like live events, speakers can vary so much, so it’s important fully comprehend the deliverables from a speaker’s online presentation. Do they use slides, videos, do they engage with Q&A, etc?

3. Communication
Communicate with the bureau, speaker, and tech company on YOUR expectations. The clearer you are with your needs, the more everyone can be realistic in what’s possible.

We sincerely recommend having a discovery call during your initial selection process to find the right presenter. Then, after you secure the speaker, have at least one with your leadership team to ensure the material they plan to cover, and another with your tech team/tech company to confirm all needs are met on the speaker’s end. Surprise parties are great, surprises during an online event may not be.

4. Technology: Select your online streaming platform
There are so many options out there and you have to find the right one that works for your organization. Some companies have a huge tech team in house and can handle these matters, while others need more “out of the box” help.

5. The details — do a run through
Be on top of everything — just like a live event. Ensure that it’s all covered, from cameras, lighting, to sound. To avoid issues during the virtual session, ensure that the speaker has a great signal and proper lighting ahead of time. Also consider: will you have a moderator or chat? Be super certain on the length of the event. From an attendee perspective, it has to appear seamless and perfect, especially if you want to keep them engaged.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is when the speaker is presenting to a live audience and a virtual audience at the same time. This is a great idea, especially when you have a lot of people in your organization spread out around the globe, or for an association event and all the attendees can’t make it in person. It’s important that the presenter know ahead of time that they are presenting to both audience to ensure everyone feels included.