Gabe Zichermann Set To Speak at The Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference in February 2020

Posted by Stephanie Guida

Gabe Zichermann is a man ready for the future and he wants to bring you along. The futurist will be speaking at the Lawn & Landscape Technology conference. The conference is being held in Orlando, Florida and will last from February 19-21, 2020.

What is the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference?


The Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference is the leading technology conference and tradeshow for the green industry. The conference will include 13 sessions from industry professionals who have successfully embraced and integrated new software and technology into their companies. Most of the sessions will feature landscape contractors and lawn care professionals who will discuss how they have successfully combined new technological practices into their work to take their companies to the next level. The conference will also feature an exhibit hall that will be open from 5:00pm-7:00pm on Wednesday, Feb. 19, and 10:00am-6:00pm on Thursday, Feb. 20. The exhibit hall is available for attendees to network with other attendees as well as allow them to visit info tables and network with companies who are sponsoring the event.

Who is Gabe Zichermann and Why Should You See Him Speak?


Gabe Zichermann is a futurist and entrepreneur who has over 25 years experience finding and running tech companies. He prides himself on being able to help people achieve a tech/life balance and has worked with government officials, fortune 500 companies, and start-ups to help them bring in new technology and then to help them maximize it for positive engagement. Gabe is known for his expertise in something called “gamification,” or nonfiction gaming. Gamification is using techniques from video games to insert fun and competition to almost anything in your life, helping to build your ambition and motivate you. Game designers design systems around player motivation and Gabe believes that real life is like that as well, only with real friends, real money, real stuff, and in the real world.

Gabe will be featured as a keynote speaker at the conference and will be giving his talk titled “The Future of Technology is People.” During his talk, he will be answering questions such as how do we predict the future of our companies and prime them for innovation and how do we understand and factor the human element into the technological decisions that we make. The talk will reveal secrets of how Silicon Valley tech gurus predict and adapt to the future from an entrepreneurial standpoint, from someone who has been in the biz for nearly 30 years.

This conference is the leading tech event for the green industry. It will provide you with opportunities to network, attend workshops and exhibit halls, and gain amazing tips and tricks from Gabe Zichermann and others on how to adapt your company and yourself for the future.

“Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics are all going to transform the landscaping and lawn care industry,” Zichermann says. “But it’s a people-centric business, and as automation takes hold, it’s going to require a completely new strategy.”

Learn the strategies you need to be able to help your business transform by booking Gabe Zichermann today.



Posted by Stephanie Guida

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