James Benham

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Keynote Speaker, Bootstrapped Entrepreneur, Corporate Innovator & Lifelong Geek

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4 Programs By This Presenter

AI and machine learning are allowing the world’s largest industries to process, integrate and predict data like never before—how will that affect how we assess risk? What existing and upcoming technologies are being leveraged to change the way adjusters manage claims? In this keynote, James Benham leads risk management professionals through the data, innovations, and issues driving the claims management and insurance systems of the future.

Less than 2% of tech startups successfully raise outside funds, which means 98% of tech founders need to know how to bootstrap and 2% need to know how to pick partners that won’t derail their vision. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup investor, or corporate innovator looking to partner with them, in this keynote you will learn the bootstrapping methodology and mindset that has fueled 20 years of profitable growth for James’ companies and clients.

Research & Development sounds like a concept only for the biggest budgets—but it’s really a bootstrapping mindset that can empower every employee to tinker, solve complex problems, and fix what bugs them. In this keynote, James Benham walks audiences through the mindset and award-winning process that his Fortune 1000 clients have used to develop and empower innovators throughout any organization.

When injuries happen in construction, it can cost millions of dollars. How do we mitigate and try to eliminate that risk? And how can the convergence of construction and insurance technologies be utilized to make it happen? In this keynote, James Benham shares how the cost of risk can be driven down by construction companies’ technology adoption and collaboration with insurance carriers. Together, this convergence can make construction projects more safe, compliant and profitable.


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“James is a consummate professional: he arrives early, stays late and has the energy and enthusiasm to perk up over 100 real estate developers at 7:30am! James always makes an event planner look good. Thanks again for a fabulous presentation!”

— Director at Urban Development Institute-Pacific Region

“James was both inspirational and informative in his presentation on industry technology. James kept the audience intrigued and gasping for breath trying to absorb all that he professionally presented for almost 90 minutes. He could have gone another hour and kept our group mesmerized! The only complaint I would have is that we did not give James more time. I would strongly recommend him and his knowledge for any group! Be prepared to be blown away!”

— McCoy Construction

“James is a master at delivering technical insight on current construction software trends. He manages well to keep my interest growing in the future of tech in the construction demographic. I have thoroughly enjoyed his past presentations and look forward to attending more when available.”

— Project Manager, JD Wright, Inc.
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