Lawrence B. Jones, III

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Fox News Contributor and Editor-in-Chief, Campus Reform

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Black voters have been loyal to the Democratic Party for decades. Unfortunately, the party hasn’t delivered on its long-promised policies that it claims would directly benefit the black community. As an early supporter of President Obama in 2008, Lawrence felt his message of “hope and change” was the solution to all of his community’s problems.

Lawrence eventually discovered that the message of “hope and change” didn’t bear much fruit. Lawrence breaks down the failure of the Democratic party and how the best option for the black community is empowerment through free market capitalism.

Conservatives have the right message, but need better messengers who can adequately communicate to the black community. Lawrence breaks down how to make that happen.


For too long, conservative students have been forced to endure hostile learning environments created by activist professors who prioritize a liberal agenda over a quality education.

Lawrence breaks down the growing tension on colleges campuses over free speech, anti-American rhetoric, attacks on capitalism, praise for socialism, safe spaces, microaggressions, illegal immigration, indoctrination, political correctness and religious freedom.

Lawrence will also explain how conservatives can go on offense.

Lawrence leads a team of 90 reporters who serve as watchdogs of the country’s higher education system by investigating and exposing incidents of liberal bias and abuse on our nation’s college campuses.


Our government has a constitutional obligation to provide public safety through the criminal justice system but, like many aspects of government, it was designed to serve citizens. Sadly, the system is currently serving government and special interest groups.

There is a conservative response to reform our criminal justice system. We can be both smart and tough on crime.

Lawrence will speak on his experience as a student advocate in the Dallas County juvenile court, and breakdown issues such as: overcriminalization, transparency, accountability, civil asset forfeiture and mandatory minimums.


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