Q & A Series for Women’s History Month Pt 4: High-Energy Motivational Speaker, Connie Podesta

Posted by Alexis Washington

photo_conniePodestaIn honor of Women’s History month, we did a Q & A with a few of our most inspiring woman speakers. We asked them several questions about what in their history, helped shape who they are today!

Women like …

Connie Podesta, a Motivational Speaker who is known for her amazing ability to “close the gap” and take people from where they are now to where they need to be to achieve the results they want and deserve. A comedienne and a therapist, Connie Podesta challenges people to make the kind of choices necessary for them to have happy, healthy, productive and successful lives, without losing their love of life and sense of humor. 

Q: My biggest challenge on the road to success was?

A: ME!  Bottom line: I had to learn how to get OUT of my own way.  Like many women, I can be my own worst enemy.  Even though I am usually quite confident and very much in control, my mind can sometimes get the better of me.  Doubts, worries, and even a bit of guilt now and then can come out of nowhere. (Sound familiar?) I’ve had to learn to deal with those feelings with a definite no-nonsense approach (just like I do with my clients) and move FORWARD. I can pretty much accomplish anything I put my mind to if (as can we all) when we get rid of the shoulda, woulda, couldas and replace them with strong, resounding affirmation like “I can, I will, I am!”

Q: My best business advice?

A: My best business advice came from the very direct (thank goodness) woman who hired me for my first speaking job.  I was so anxious to close the deal that I forgot every negotiation tool I had learned and gave her the moon.  Cut my fee.  Offered extra sessions.  Paid my own expenses.  You name it—she got it!  And she didn’t even ask—I just kept upping the ante in response to her silence.  I learned later that she was so quiet because she couldn’t believe the deal she was getting.  As she dropped me off at the airport, she took out my check but before I could grab it, she said, “Connie, I would have paid you five times as much as this check. Because you earned it.   However–this is the deal YOU made.  My advice to you is this…If you are ever going to succeed, you better know what you are worth and not be afraid to ask for it.  Plan for it.  Negotiate for it.  Even fight for it.” Believe me, I have never undervalued myself again!  Great advice!

Q: The advice I would give is: 

A: Be fair.  Be honest.  Be classy.  Be professional.  Be fun.  Be flexible.  Be open to new ideas.  Don’t gossip.  Don’t cry.  Don’t get your feelings hurt.  Don’t play games.  Don’t bring your personal life to work. 

Q: My biggest female role model: 

A: My biggest role model?  My grandmother.  She was the very first female School Superintendent in Missouri, quite an accomplishment in the 60’s. She was a first class lady who did more than just hold her own with all the guys—she was the one they looked up to for advice and leadership.  I used to love visiting her at her office and just watching her in action. I learned how smart and feminine can be a killer combo.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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