Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund

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Recovering actuary. Author of "Do the Unright Thing." Inviting audiences to approach life like an Epic Adventure

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Putting The Right Peeps In Your Jeep

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This keynote is ideal for general audiences (leaders and non-leaders) who need a boost to become happier in life and at work. This talk explores five things (the “Big 5”) that make an African safari epic and also increase personal fulfillment.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION & TAKEAWAYS: Is it possible to be successful and still be happy? Or do we have to choose? Is there a way to have both? Through his career experience and research, Steve “The Safari Dude” Fredlund has uncovered the “Big 5” drivers of success and happiness – and they are the same factors that make an African safari incredible. Join Steve on this epic adventure to approach life, work and leadership The Safari Way.

After this talk, the audience will:

  1. Understand the impact of external pressures (defaults, expectations and ‘shoulds’) on decisions
  2. Feel empowered to implement the “Big 5” ways to have more fulfilling adventures in every area of life
  3. Realize greater agency in life, work and leadership
This keynote or breakout is perfect for audiences filled with leaders or others who hire and manage staff. Grounded in my discoveries as an HR actuary analyzing the data on 150,000 global employees, I provide breakthrough insights into how we can build more powerful teams to increase productivity, engagement and retention.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION & TAKEAWAYS: It is so frustrating to have high potential team members who aren’t as productive as they could be. They have the skills, knowledge and abilities to make a huge impact but are disengaged and don’t stick around. The problem is not their potential, it is converting that potential to actual contribution. How can we add team members who will have the impact they are capable of? As an award winning actuary, Steve Fredlund analyzed data on more than 150,000 global employees, uncovering the core drivers of productivity, engagement and retention. In this session, he will teach you how to enhance hiring to build a more productive team. Known as “The Safari Dude”, Steve calls this “getting the right peeps in our jeep” and it is one of the “Big 5” in his breakthrough approach to live, work and lead The Safari Way.

After this talk, the audience will:

  1. Understand the difference between hiring for potential and hiring for actual contribution
  2. Recognize alignment and connection as key drivers of productivity, engagement and retention
  3. Be equipped to take tangible next steps to build a more productive team
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