What Will Be Your Legacy? Why Mo’ne Davis Should Inspire Us All!

Posted by Alexis Washington

August is officially What Will Be Your Legacy Month, a month where we reflect on the positive impact we want to leave on this Earth. In honor of this month, we want to introduce you to a young woman who is becoming a trailblazer in her own right.

Meet Mo’ne Davis, the 13 year-old superstar that has made history by becoming the first Little League player to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

These days, it’s hard not to turn on your TV and hear about Mo’ne Davis. Though still fairly young, this teenager’s list of accomplishments is quite extensive! In the 68-year history of the Little Leagues, Mo’ne Davis became the 18th girl to play in the series. As a pitcher for the Philadelphia Taney Dragons, Mo’ne threw an impressive 70-mile-per-hour fastball, garnering attention from millions of baseball fans and celebrity supporters worldwide.

Her list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there, though. Mo’ne Davis also made history for becoming the first girl to ever throw a shutout in the Little League World Series. Not to mention, she is only the sixth girl to get a hit in the World Series history! Impressive right?

Mo’ne Davis teaches us how to follow our dreams, whatever they may be, and make history in our everyday lives. At just 13 years old, Mo’ne has already left her legacy on the world, defying any gender-imposed boundaries set against her and emerging as one of the most dynamic Little League players of our time. She stands as an inspiration for children everywhere aspiring to go out and achieve their dreams.

Though she is quite accomplished in the field of baseball, Mo’ne Davis has her heart set out on conquering another sport, basketball, with the hopes to play for the likes of University of Connecticut. Mo’ne has showed us that she can do anything that she sets her mind to, using the right amount of passion, practice, and ambition along the way.

Mo’ne Davis has already started leaving her legacy on the world. What will your legacy be?

Posted by Alexis Washington
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