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Alain Nu

Extra Sensory Performance
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  • ESP: Extra Sensory Performance
  • The Powers of the Mind

Why Book Alain Nu?

  • Alain will show even the most skeptical audiences the awesome powers of the mind with his amazing and spellbinding talents.

  • He knows the hidden potential of our minds, and he proves it with every appearance.

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    Alain Nu has always been fascinated with the mysterious powers of the mind. This has led him to developing a career that allows him to share some of these concepts with the world. The demonstrations that Alain performs in his live programs (as well as those that were featured on his TLC series) demonstrate ways of simulating much more elaborate concepts of the connective potential of peoples thoughts. Alas, his own methods must be kept secret, but in a nutshell, many of them are a clever conglomerate of ideas, incorporating elements of probability, psychology, suggestion, magic techniques, and good timing. So first, and most importantly, Alain considers himself an entertainer.

    Because of his interest in the human potential of the mind, however, his presentations revolve around mysterious topics that blur the line between magic and the most cutting edge mysteries of life-sciences. He does not withhold his fascination for the powers of qi, or qi gong, super memory, primal intuition, non-verbal ‘mind reading’, ghost apparitions, psychic energy, et cetera... Rather Alain makes these topics the centerpieces of his “designed-for-live-performance” presentations, as any artist might.

    The earliest memory Alain had, which he believes was the seed that planted his extreme curiosity for weird-science, strange sightings, and general Fortean (or X-Files) phenomena, is that of being a four year old boy living in San Francisco in 1969. Both his parents worked, and the old Chinese woman who took care of Alain during the days, used to take him every Monday on errands throughout the city, but would stop to get her fortune told (tea leaves). Though Alain was very young, and would play with toys nearby, he believes that he might have subconsciously picked up on the ‘language’, the “interpretive way,” and basic interactions between reader and sitter. Perhaps that was why he always gravitated towards strange stories, and of unlocking the mysteries of life.

    So although he would prefer not to speak to anyone clinically, regarding the above “potentially fringe” subjects, Alain has never been one to turn down a good conversation about any of it. In fact, he is immensely interested in the continuing evolution of hard sciences that bring people closer and closer to actually finding out how they can actually utilize and harness the raw natures of ESP or whatever you want to call the topics of which we speak.

    Alain has a deep-seated belief that much of what is considered fringe-science today, will result in hard-science breakthroughs in the not-too-distant future.

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    "Alain’s act was very interesting. It made you think –how did he do that? The mind is a very powerful thing and it makes you wonder about the power of positive thinking. Great for a big group or a small group."
    --North American Society for Trenchless Technology