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Brand Cohen

Brad Cohen

Inspirational Teacher with Tourette Syndrome, Positive Attitude
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Program Descriptions

Overcoming Obstacles and Winning the Game of Life
Learn how to set goals, overcome life’s challenges and stay positive in the face of rejection.

Tourette Syndrome: My Best Friend
Learn to understand Tourette Syndrome, proven coping mechanisms, and become able to embrace disability.

Children and Youth
Learn how children can best benefit from organized youth groups and how to find the best group for your child.

Teacher Training of TS, ADHD, OCD and Other Disabilities
Find out how to reach the disabled child, via successful classroom integration, work modifications and positive parent/teacher communication.


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Brad Cohen shows people a new meaning to the words Positive Attitude. He presents an inspiring true story of incredible challenges and unwavering determination. As a child with Tourette Syndrome, a neurological brain disorder that causes the body to make strange sounds and uncontrollable violent twitches, Brad was beaten, mocked, and shunned. Some thought he was possessed by the devil. Others, including members of his own family, refused to be seen with him in public. As an adult, Brad overcame all odds to become an award-winning teacher of the year for the state of Georgia. The road in between was a roller coaster ride in perseverance.

Brad Cohen inspires audiences to overcome life’s challenges. Nothing, not even Tourette Syndrome, stops him from pursuing—and achieving—his goals.

From the depths of abuse that his teachers piled on him, Brad became determined to become the teacher he never had. After several dozen rejection letters, Brad finally found a teaching home where he taught second-graders not only reading, writing and math, but also about love and acceptance of all people.

Today, Brad still gets ejected from movie theaters and restaurants, but he is one of the most outgoing and positive people you will ever meet. His students cherish him, and he used to chair a Relay for Life fundraising program for Georgia’s Cobb County. On a mission to encourage and inspire today’s youth and educators, Brad Cohen is an inspiration to us all.

In addition to his appearances on Oprah, Inside Edition, and being featured in People magazine, Brad is the author of the book, Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had. He is also the former mascot “Homer” for the Atlanta Braves baseball team for four years!

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"Brad was amazing. Thank you for everything."
--KasKasKia Special Education