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Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH: Six Strategies to Keep Your Internal Engine Running Smoothly
Life is a journey…enjoy the ride! While traveling on this journey Brian will share a few strategies for successful leadership, teamwork and personal growth. The strategies have all been test-driven and proven road-worthy. Do not let life’s little road blocks keep you stuck on the side of the road. Come have some fun and learn how to push your pedal to the metal!

Positioning Your Positive Pit-Crew: Building Your Team Foundation
Is your team running on all of its cylinders? Would you feel comfortable in the car for an 8-hour journey with your co-workers? These are tough questions to answer, but not impossible to achieve! Come join Brian Blasko as he shares his team building strategies for success. A team of co-workers is like a Pit-Crew, everyone is important. In this high-energy program participants will gain a wealth of practical tips for team cohesiveness.

Taking the Driver’s Seat: Lessons on Leadership
Many people like to ride through life as a passenger letting others take responsibility. Now is the time to take the driver’s seat! This high-energy program will teach assertiveness as well as compassion. Be the type of leader people want to follow not have to follow.

The Car Key Factor: Creating Your Comfort Zone With Communication
In this fun-filled program Brian Blasko will share his ideas and research regarding the 4 general personalities we communicate with everyday. Come find out if you’re a 4x4, Volvo, Sports Car or Minivan. When you start your car, the correct key is essential. People are the same way. We need to be using the right keys to ignite the right personality engine.

Wash, Wax and Polish Your Speaking Skill: Delivering Dynamic Presentations
Many people have a tremendous fear of public speaking and just freeze up when put into certain situations. Brian Blasko says there is no need for fear! This highly-informative and comforting program is one of Brian’s specialties. Come unleash the “ham” in yourself and enjoy polishing up your speaking skills.

The Emotional Oil Change: Tune-Up Your Creativity
Have your creative juices stopped flowing? Has your creative thinking become stuck inside the box? If you answered yes, then this is the program for you! Brian Blasko will share his strategies for successful creative thinking. Come have some fun and learn how look at situations in a “new” way.

Time is on Your Side: Managing Multiple Priorities
Have you ever experienced a stressful workday? Do you have projects and deadlines knocking at your door? If you just answered yes, then this is the session for you! This session will focus on examining strategies and techniques that will help you more effectively manage your workday.

Recipe for Success: 5 Ingredients for a Well-Balanced Life
Come have some fun with Brian Blasko and enjoy the opportunity to relax, laugh and learn useful life-lessons. The 5 ingredients served during this program have all been marinated, baked and are ready to be gobbled up. Learn how to live life to your fullest potential!


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Brian Blasko is a highly motivated, nationally known speaker and trainer. His programs, inspiring individual and organizational growth, are some of the most sought after in the country.

This celebrated author of Cruisin' Through Life At 35 MPH, has an M.A. in interpersonal communication, collegiate level teaching experience, and is a member of the National Speakers Association, as well as NSA Ohio. Every year clients throughout the country depend on Brian to re-charge their organization and employees.

Always the fun communicator, his contagious energy encourages others to feel comfortable about themselves and their personal development. Blasko is to motivation as engine is to car.

Driven by his sincere interest in others, and a genuine passion for public speaking, Brian enthusiastically invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential.

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