Calvin Stovall

Calvin Stovall

The MAN of Customer Service. Dynamic keynote speaker specializing in inspiring people to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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Fanatically Relentless Customer Service
One of the most content-rich, and entertaining presentations your attendees will ever experience. Take your company's customer service delivery to the next level with this high-energy program. Attendees will get real-life, practical lessons on how to deliver fanatically relentless customer service and how embracing a “customer-centric” philosophy can set your company apart from the competition. Customer service success stories are shared and how these effective solutions can be applied to your organization for immediate results today.

Fanatically Relentless Leadership
Success in today’s business environment is no longer just about “harder, faster, stronger,” but about cultivating a work environment where creativity is embraced and each individual is valued for their contributions to the team. Become a fanatically relentless leader within your organization today. During this session, we discuss the importance of engaging the unique qualities of each individual on a team and how it can positively impact the bottom line. Real-life, leadership solutions are shared on how to promote an inclusive environment that encourages people to reach their maximum potential.

Fanatically Relentless Teamwork
Fanatically relentless teamwork is not about having the best players. It's about having players that play their best — together. Interdependence to accomplish organizational goals is not just rhetoric, it is absolutely necessary to gain a competitive edge. Whether in corporate, academic or start-up settings, teamwork is essential to long-term organizational success. Teamwork not only allows people to do what they couldn’t do otherwise, it creates momentum by multiplying individual talents, skills and ideas. It’s all about putting personal agendas aside and working towards a common vision — as one. Learn how the power of fanatically relentless teamwork can propel your organization forward.

Change is Inevitable – Success is Intentional
Let’s face it, change happens whether you want it to or not. Today we live and work in a world of constant change and uncertainty. Being talented is simply not enough to guarantee personal success in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. It’s determined by an individual’s ability to embrace change and continue moving forward. It requires drive, passion, optimism, resilience, focus, and confidence. This session will give you some effective tools to manage fears and ward off resistance to change. When you leave this session, you will view change from a whole new perspective and know how to sustain personal success even when unforeseen circumstances come along in your life.

Be the Man: No Y-Chromosome Required!
This one-of-a-kind, high-energy entertaining session is gender-neutral and is highly popular among female attendees as well. You don't have to be a man to BE the MAN. Being the MAN is all about being the best, being passionate about what you do and simply following and fulfilling your life-long dreams. This high-energy program can be customized to any client's specific needs whether it's customer service, leadership, sales or embracing change.

Don’t just Dream it. Do It!
Unleash your full potential and start making your dreams a reality today. Move your dreams from merely thought to fruition with this high-impact, interactive session. This session will tap into your individual talents, desires and determination to make your dreams come true. All of us face challenges, but it's how we react to those challenges which set us apart. During this program we talk about the importance of setting life goals, staying away from negative influences, keeping a positive attitude and having uncompromising perseverance to make positive things happen in your life.


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Calvin Stovall has energized and motivated audiences nationwide with his high-content, unorthodox, and humorous platform. Calvin specializes in delivering customized, keynote presentations for businesses that want to inspire their employees to provide exceptional customer service and build loyalty among their key clients and customers. Calvin has often been referred to as the “MAN of Customer Service.” He truly understands the importance of building lasting relationships, and having real passion when working in the “people” business.

With more than 16 years in the hospitality industry, Calvin served as vice president of marketing with Hilton Hotels Corporation where he was responsible for the brand marketing and public relations efforts for more than 150 Homewood Suites by Hilton hotels. While under his leadership, Homewood Suites by Hilton was voted best in class by numerous consumer advocacy publications, including Consumer Reports and recognized four times by J.D. Power and Associates® for its unwavering commitment to product and customer service quality. He has been quoted in numerous publications including Travel Weekly, Hotel & Motel Management, Hotel Business, Brand Week, and Business Travel News.

His audiences will experience real-life, hands-on practical customer service examples -- practical steps which can be easily applied to organizational challenges of today. His secret lies in getting everyone in the audience to embrace and understand the importance of Moments of Impact™ -- those precious, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to impact the customer’s overall experience. Calvin’s objective is to make sure everyone leaves his presentations understanding that fanatically relentless customer service starts with “YOU!”

His energizing and inspirational messages combined with his positive, can-do-anything attitude will ignite your attendees to move and take action. Your audience will remember his hard-hitting, funny, and real-life approach. Whether keynoting a conference or leading a training session, Calvin is sure to leave your attendees with a most memorable experience which will last for months or years to come.

During his professional speaking career, Calvin has spoken to many groups nationwide in varying industries. His clients give him rave reviews for his innate ability to truly connect with his audience and ensure that his presentations are customized to their needs. Calvin's got a smile as wide as a yardstick, a wicked gleam in his eye, a heart big as Texas, and the energy and spark of a rocket. If you are looking for someone other than your “typical” keynote speaker, then Calvin Stovall is your MAN!

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