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George Hedley

Construction Business Owner, Successful Entrepreneur
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Get Your Business To Work
Entrepreneurs are different than most business people. They’re always building, growing, moving and taking their companies to the next level. They don’t get stuck, tread water or stay put in the same place doing the same things over and over. Entrepreneurs know what they want, make tough decisions and then go make it happen. In order to get your business to work, you’ve got to get unstuck, move forward, and let go to grow. Learn how to run your business like an owner: well rewarded and in-control instead of an over-worked, under-paid, make every decision control freak. Transform your company by replacing yourself with systems to achieve bottom-line results, wealth and freedom. Learn the 7 steps to earning more, working less & living the life you want.

Re-View, Re-Do, Re-New & Re-Vive, Your Business
In a tough economy, a lot of business people get stuck. They tread water or fall into a rut of doing the same things over and over. Successful entrepreneurs are different. Instead of waiting for circumstances to change, they're always looking for ways to grow and adapt. In this session, you'll learn how to begin building your business from where it is today no matter what's happening in your market. You'll discover better ways to present your company's services, new ways to stay in touch with customers and show them you care, and how to become an expert partner who can deliver what your customers need.

The Eight Traits of Great Companies
Leading companies have eight key success factors that set them apart from their competition and allow them to maximize their bottom-line. Learn how to redesign your company and differentiate it from others by implementing all of these success factors: vision; targets and goals; structured organization with accountable management team; clear focus on profitability; unique and different product or service; pro-active sales and marketing; operational systems; and the company builds equity and wealth.

On-Purpose... On Target!
Discover what you want in life, design a plan to get it, track your progress and always move towards getting what you want. Family, friends, finances, fun, faith and freedom or business and career - you can make it happen in an organized, meaningful and rewarding way. Presented by a formerly stressed-out and overworked $50 million business owner in a fast-paced, fun & enthusiastic style with real life ideas that work.

Effective Leadership
Learn How To Be An Effective Leader! Identify your huge vision, set clear targets and goals, and develop a tracking system to get the results you want. Get results thru people by communicating clear expectations, motivating, recognizing, inspiring, trusting and coaching. Make people accountable and responsible, delegate, let go of control, and improve people’s performance. Take a personal test and learn which leadership style works best for you: Big Thinker, Market Maker, Innovator, Coach or Task Master.

Clear Targets = HUGE Results
Set clear targets for everyone in your company to increase your bottom-line, productivity and people’s performance. BIG targets that work include: sales, productivity, overhead, job cost, cash-flow, customer loyalty, bid-success ratio, service, profitable contracts, quality, safety, technology, project milestones, employee personal development, training and teamwork. Includes ideas on incentives to enhance your success. Presented by a successful entrepreneur in a fast-paced, fun and enthusiastic style with lots of action ideas that work.

Why Book George Hedley?

  • George’s expertise is based on his real world experience, which he uses to help businesses consistently produces bottom-line results, profits, wealth, and equity.

  • Known as "The Business-Builder", George is an entrepreneur and a recognized authority on how to build a growing business into a company.

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    Starting with just an old Datsun pickup and $500 in 1978, George Hedley was able to build a thriving $50 million construction business in just 7 years. Hardhat Presentations is a natural outgrowth of George's business expertise, inspiring leadership style and passion for teaching.

    Today, as a nationally-recognized professional speaker, George is able to connect with business audiences as few others can: As an insightful entrepreneur, experienced manager and successful business owner.

    George communicates his business philosophy ("Know what you want, have a plan and make it happen!") via a compelling combination of common sense, business smarts and humor that's both entertaining and motivating.

    Whether your organization requires a savvy keynote speaker, exceptional seminar or one-of-a-kind workshop, George's business-building programs provide an outstanding choice of audience-proven solutions.

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