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Guy Bavli

Master of the Mind, International Multi-Sensory Entertainer
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Secrets of the Mind
A new and exciting program exploring the secrets of the mind. What hidden powers exist within?

What is the sixth sense? Guy’s unique take on this subject incorporates some fun interactive demonstrations; explanation of subliminal messages, the power of suggestion, and body language; as well as, rare stories with pictures and video clips from his personal carrier.

Featured on History Channel’s “Stan Lee’s Super Human”, Bavli talks about the experience, the Mind and the story.

Guy also shares tips on how to enrich your communications skills for everyday life and business.

Power of Hypnosis
Guy Bavli CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist) opens a door to our knowledge about Hypnosis. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to enrich your life. Guy explains how hypnosis works; the myths and misconceptions; the different kinds of hypnosis; how hypnosis can benefit our lives; and the power it has to change life and business alike. Guy uses interactive demonstrations in his lecture mixed with stories and videos from Guy’s personal experience.

Humor, audience interaction, expertise and personal experience allow Guy Bavli to capture his audiences’ attention and hold it long after his program has ended. He is interesting and informative and has a unique ability to deliver a distinct message that inspires anyone lucky enough to attend his talk.

High Energy After Dinner Show:
Guy Bavli, an award winning entertainer will have your guests buzzing long after his presentation has ended.

Known as one of the most creative “Minds” in Show Biz, Bavli presents an original, Mind Boggling and inventive program, that is both funny and sharp!

Corporate mind reading shows, awe-inspiring telekinesis and stunning showmanship are guaranteed to create a corporate show you can be proud of and one that will set the bar for all future events.

As seen on TV on: NBC, CNN, FOX, HISTORY CHANNLE, BRAVO, MY-NETWORK, UNIVISION and in more than 400 TV appearances worldwide.

Pump your meetings MC:
Having a full day of seminars? Need to keep your audience energized and ready for more?

Guy Bavli will blast your audience with a morning exercise of Mind Games, Telekinesis, and Brain Power madness.

He will spice your program with short presentations between your speakers, keeping your attendees on their toes throughout the day. Hosting your day with endless Mystery and laughter will motivate and inspire.

Publicity Stunts:
In today’s competitive world of business, there is nothing more important than creating buzz for your product.

If you want consumers to remember your brand, you need to impressive them in a way that is memorable and talk provoking.

No one can create buzz-worthy news and bring attention to your product like Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind® and his creative psyche.


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Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind® is a world-renowned Entertainer, Speaker, Author and Hypnotherapist who takes Corporate presentations to a completely new level.

Bavli was featured in more than 400 TV shows in all major networks and performed in over 50 countries worldwide, including headlining more than 1200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!

Delta Airlines, Cisco, Coca Cola, Princess, IBM, Jaguar, Essilor, Babyliss, Vocal Tech, MetLife, Town Care Dental, Volvo, WS Invention, Jaguar, ProMedico, Fir Tree, Agfa, Microsoft, are just a part of the long list of companies that enjoyed Guy Bavli’s unique brand of entertainment at their esteemed corporate events.

When it comes to corporate entertainment, it is a challenge to create an experience that will exceed your guests expectations. You want to impact the viewers in a way that will make them talk about your event long after it"s over. Guy Bavli - Master of the Mind will do just that!

Easy to work with, versatile and entertaining; Bavli is every client’s dream. His distinct mixture of Mind Mysteries, Humor, Romance, Kinetic feats, Suspense, Music and Visuals set his corporate performances apart from others. Most importantly, he is brilliantly funny!

With nearly 30 years of stunning showmanship, Bavli understands corporate events making his presentation a guaranteed success!

From small, to large events, Bavli will deliver success.

Leave your logic at the door… and take a walk on the Mind Side!

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“Even one week after the party everyone is still singing me praises “for having you at the party”. They are still impressed by your performance. Next year is looking good already!”
--Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc.

“Dear Guy…On behalf of Bay Management Staff, I would like to cordially thank you for a magnificent performance…you were the highlight of our event. This year..was by far the best…Your talent was perfect way to enhance the evening…We are still laughing about that great husband and wife bit!!! Your Mind abilities are definitely something to see! Looking forward to see more of you in the future."
--Bay Management Corporation

“I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful show. I’m getting non-stop phone calls and e-mails saying how this was our best event EVER! The problem is the expectations now for any future events will be impossible to meet.”
--Town Care Dental Group

“Guy Bavli is truly a Master of the Mind!! His performance at our event in Vietnam presidential palace was literally electrifying and heart stopping!!! His sense of humor is outstanding and our clients really enjoyed his performance. I would love to work with him again soon.”
--Platinum World Group

“Dear Guy, I would like to thank you for your impressing show at our company event. You found the way to our audience, touched their heart and caused a big smile on their face.”
--Telrad Business Communication Ltd.

“Guy Bavli worked for my company, performing world wide for our customers, suppliers, and staff doing events such as promotions, new product launching, traditional annual buyer meetings. The reason we chose Mr. Bavli is his special ability to create an outstanding relationship with the audience using his unique skills in mind reading entertainment. I recommend Mr. Guy Bavli for all businesses that would like to offer an unforgettable event and unique experience.”
--Werner Schleinzer, President, WS INVENTION. (AUSTRIA)

“Guy is a MASTER in mind over matter, there is an Enigmatic Personality in him . He is an amazing performer!”
--Uri Geller – Celebrity Mystifier & author (UK)