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Sell the Way Your Customer Buys: Leveraging relationships through better connections
Magnifying the output of your sales teams performance by going wider and deeper with customers and prospects is a sales manager’s dream, right? In this keynote, Jane will teach your sales team how to reduce the potential of misfiring with prospects and customers. She will show them how to quickly determine how your customers buy and how they can adapt their sales approach -- on phone calls, in sales presentations, or in proposals. Most sales people steer clear of difficult situations. But Jane will show your team how to redirect difficult relationships into more productive selling opportunities. Jane's approach doesn't compete with your existing systems and processes; rather, it easily integrates to improve results and prevent ineffective efforts.

Sell Your Ideas The Way People Listen: Tools to build better skills, gain more confidence and stop the frustration
No matter what role you have in an organization, you are selling your ideas, products or services. So every time you have the opportunity to advance your ideas, it’s critical to get your audience to listen. You have to know what information is relevant and to your audience how to effectively present it. The Sell Your Ideas The Way People Listen keynote will help you, with a simple and easy approach to understanding your audience, whether it's one person or a thousand. This presentation will give you the tools to sell your idea from your audience’s point of view, instead of your own point of view, or even your manager’s point of view. There's no fluffy magical formula; just concrete tools to build up your skills, pump up your confidence and get better results for your effort.


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Jane didn’t dream of being a doctor as a kid, she wanted to star on the Great White Way (Broadway). In her twenties, as she pursued her dream, she learned that eating is a good thing too. She took a ‘short term’ sales job in the event industry to make some money. When she left the industry in 1999, she was well fed and had had a successful career as a star closer and then vice president of sales.

Today she is a game changer for sales people. Smart people call her when they want to go beyond the status quo and improve their skills in building real relationships with customers. Jane knows all of the theories, clichés and myths about selling – most created by unsuccessful sales people. She knows there is an art to selling that goes beyond pat scripts and ‘asking for the sale’. Jane teaches sales people how to build stronger and deeper relationships with customers, whether on a sales call or the trade show floor.

In her 20+ years since earning her MFA, Jane has been an actor, teacher, salesperson, manager, VP and entrepreneur. Now she’s hired by companies big and small that are ready to live the language of being ‘customer-focused’ and selling the way their customers buy. Phillips Medical, Stryker, The Home Depot, SunTrust Banks, Milliken and Company, First Data Corporation and Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Assurant, BAE Systems are just a few of the mega-companies whose performance she has impacted.

Jane owns the company, but she has never stopped selling or learning. She feels blessed to be able to marry her business knowledge with her performance skills in a way that impacts her clients. Jane lives in Metro Atlanta.

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