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The Rubberband Revolution™: The Power of Mental Stretching
Can we really stretch our mind so that we can achieve more out of life? Is it truly possible? The answer is Yes, absolutely Yes! Mind stretching is the next revolution in personal development. The Rubberband Revolution™ is the process of teaching the brain a new way of thinking, and in doing so, connecting the right/left brain more effectively.

Wake Up! Time To Take Center Stage: Excelling at Work / Life Balance
Is your life in disarray? Are you headed for a crisis? What happened to the rock star you were striving to be? The hectic nature of life can sneak up on us before we know it. At first things were going pretty well – until the stress and fatigue overwhelmed you and out of nowhere you became an immovable object.

The New Era of Decision Making: A Stronger Connection Between Mind & Body
How do you become a powerful decision maker that is able to handle the stresses that life has to offer? The answer is simple: a strong mind/body connection. Our success and happiness meter never truly reaches full steam unless we maximize our potential. In order to do so and truly relish in the possibilities, we have to have a solid foundation for decision making.

Retirement Is Not An Option: Act 3
Life doesn’t end at 60. Why should your hopes and dreams? It’s time to let the joy kick in and kick the concept of retirement out the window. Are you ready to shake up the myth about retirement, turn it upside down and stand it on its head? Joan shares with audiences a new and refreshing way of thinking about what she calls ‘Act 3,’ the best and most exciting time of our lives.


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Joan Frances Moran is a creative thought leader exploding with the potential of now. A lifelong learner with an unrelenting curiosity, Joan started teaching yoga at 60 and unlocked the key to cultivating daily happiness. Holding two masters  (Education and Theater ) and with over 25 years’ experience in Theater, Joan effortlessly teaches the dual wisdom of creativity and work/life balance. Tenacious with a bold flair, Joan has already left some impressive footprints. From pioneering and launching the 1st professional year-round theater in Las Vegas to being awarded the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Theater in Nevada, this age defying go-getter has no limits. Joan’s passions include a strong dedication to daily yoga and meditation and dancing Argentine tango whenever and wherever dancers gather whether in Argentina, Europe or the U.S.

Energy and Humor
Joan’s signature headstand is not the only thing that leaves audiences in awe. As a highly beloved keynote speaker, she commands the stage with her delightful humor, raw energy and wealth of  life experience. From national health and wellness conferences, industry expos, workshops with CEOs who want to be more creative and innovative, this creative thought leader taps into the power of creative thought as it relates to vulnerability, change and work/life balance. Offering an innovative platform to change mental habits, Joan’s Mind Fuel™ Tools for Life Renewal presents daily techniques for optimal wellness that brilliantly ripple through one’s life. Providing stepping stones for creative thinking in life and work, Joan takes personal fulfillment to a new level. Using improvisational techniques to unlock old mindsets and create new paradigms of thought, Joan empowers employees, business leaders, and fellow boomers nationwide with a program for daily mindfulness.

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